Vigal (Saxophone: Anthony Drawn)
  • Vigal (Saxophone: Anthony Drawn)
  • FloFilz
  • Metronom

Flofilz’ first official album has been up for pre-order. Two tracks are already available. If you’ve been obsessed with the man, you probably heard Nomind a year ago on The Jazz Jouster’s Calculation compilation. Vigal, on the other hand, is a sweet new delight that builds my anticipation for this album.

Pick up the Metronom LP before it sells out. I myself will be waiitng till I’m home to listen to it on vinyl, which won’t be till mid-October. For real though, this is one you don’t wanna miss out on if you have a love for jazz-hop. 

I’m extremely excited for this. Flofilz is one of a kind.

My partners in crime showing off the goods we’re integrating into “Leaving the Life” with the help of @thefledglingfund.
Photo by @blueearthphoto “Direct engagement results from Collaborations For Cause. Laura Lo Forti and Andrew De Vigal present Harvis, a new technology that invites audience perspective and engagement. The Fourth Act: Strategies for Community Engagement. @a4thact #AFourthAct #C4C14 @photowings”