An explanation of sorts

No doubt you’re wondering why my URL is ‘yourjesterdied’ and the title of my blog is ‘Glasgow Smile’. I’ve had a real fascination with maniacal hilarity, fairly recently, due to some franchises I’m interested in.

The URL is just a personal opinion of mine. I feel that many of the people I know take life really seriously and pretend to live in the moment. The URL is just my overall opinion that humour is dying along with spontaneity. As I grow up I’ve started to get more and more bored of those around me.

Perhaps I just need some new experiences. “Glasgow Smile” was inspired by Kefka Palazzo and the Joker. They convey the idea of maniacal hilarity and even the charade people put on in order to appear as being fun/amused. The way I’ve always perceived myself was extremely different to the ‘established order of things’ but not quite ‘anti-establishment’. I enjoy viewing things from the outside, observing the systems at work, and then trying to interfere with them for amusement… it sounds a lot more evil than it is. Many people do this but they don’t admit it to themselves or to others; they can chalk it up to something like a “douchebag reflex’ or some shit like that.

I feel that I’m different in this way - I tend to embrace all of it. Almost recklessly.

I really hate it when people ask me if I believe in god. First off, why does it matter? Why should that change things so much that its such an important question to have the answer to? Secondly no, I don’t believe in god. I believe in the beauty of the night sky and how right it is to tell someone you love them. I believe in letting people hold you and letting them see that one part of you that really scares you. I believe in the magic of autumn and the importance of laughing so hard no sound comes out. I believe in always telling people what they mean to you because you never know when they might be gone. I believe in being true to you and trying your best to navigate the crazy path that all of us go down. I believe in mistakes and messing up and trying very hard to fix things, even if it doesn’t always work. Which it won’t. But mostly, I believe in appreciating everything around us because you never know what is going to change your life. No I don’t believe in god, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. We believe in different things, and I don’t see why that makes me so bad.