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What's something you enjoy doing outside the technology realm?

Are clothes technology? I have a casual interest in suits and formalwear. I think what sparked it was that finding clothes that fit properly is difficult as I’m a size lower that most stores supply.

There’s something about 30/40s fashion I like the most (for menswear at least, womenswear I’m more eclectic with). If it weren’t for the negative accociations with fedoras, I’d probably dress something like this:

History Of Power Rangers - Operation Overdrive

It may have taken a year, but at long last, the HOPR Operation Overdrive review is up:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Super Megaforce to air in France August 30th and September 3rd

From YellowAccel:

The second Channel wich air Power Rangers in France will start Super Megaforce on August 30. A new episode will air every Saturday and Sunday. Pretty sure Canal J will air the remaining episodes of Super Megaforce before Gulli, so it’s not really interisting…

EDIT: See ? I knew it. Super Megaforce is back on Canal J on September 3rd with 2 episodes each Wenesday, Saturday and Sunday !!!

So the first week, it will be a rerun and Then, the following week they will start to show the new episodes. It seems like there will be 2 new episodes each day (except Saturday and Sunday) since episode 6 and 7 air on September 8.

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Accents

From Fresh Talent:


Calling all male actors on our books aged 18-26….. can you confidentially deliver dialogue in both accents? If so we want to hear from you as one of our most favourite Teenage Action Shows (you know what one it is!) has a fantastic role available for the right person.