sm has given a challenge to fans! if the mv for “view” reaches 7 million views on youtube they’ll reward everyone with a “surprise gift”. the challenge was released by sm at around 4pm kst today (may 29th) and it has no deadline but, as of 9pm kst (of the same day), the video is sitting at just under 4.7 million views. please, please, please watch the video as much as you can. (you can find it here.) we don’t want a repeat of what happened with the challenge given for jonghyun’s solo videos (it taking over two weeks to reach “said” challenge which was similar to this in amount of asked views.) visit support shinee for information on how to raise the views!


[Stream] KBS Music Bank - SHINee Interview+’VIEW’+No.1 FULL CUT 150529 (1080P)

Credit: yangmehlin 

guysss go watch the MV pretty please! We just need 2 million more views before we get 7 million! come on we can do that in two days!!

think of the muscles… drunk members… Jinki’s back…. Taemin’s lip bite…. SHINee laughing and having fun and getting to be normal and doing illegal shit… catchy as hell song… hmmmm doesn’t that sound appealing yeah you should go watch it all again!!