1. Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Vienna, Austria.
  3. Vancouver, Canada.
  4. Toronto, Canada.
  5. Adelaide, Australia
  6. Calgary, Canada.
  7. Sydney, Australia.
  8. Helsinki, Finland.
  9. Perth, Australia.
  10. Auckland, New Zealand.

LONDON, Aug 19 (Reuters) - Melbourne tops the ranking as the world’s most pleasant city to live in for the fourth year running, but an Economist Intelligence Unit poll also finds that turmoil in Ukraine and the Middle East have pushed other cities down the list.

Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto captured 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the list of 140 cities released on Tuesday. Bottom was Damascus, capital of war-torn Syria, while just above it in ascending order were Dhaka in Bangladesh, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and Lagos, Nigeria.


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FvF x Departure: House of the Very Islands, Vienna

House of the Very Island’s make casual wear for all sexes.

We met with the forward-thinking fashion designers, Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner, in their apartment and studio in Vienna to talk wearable and unwearable clichés, in a new video feature on Freunde von Freunden.


Don’t leave Vienna without seeing the most beautiful artworks and paintings of artist Gustav Klimt, the famous Austrian painter of the Jugendstil period. 

You will find some our our favorites inside the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere. While there take a tour of the other masterpieces from the Middle Ages and Baroque up until 21st century. It’s always high on our ‘must see’ list when in Vienna, and only short drive from that other bold artistic statement from Austria’s capital  - the 5-star Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

Ein unglaubliches und rares Zeitdokument. Als würde man selbst mitten im Geschehen stehen und die Straße überqueren. Das ist die erste, ursprüngliche Reichsbrücke im Jahr 1933. Wenn man das Foto genau betrachtet, kann man im Bildhintergrund sogar den Stephansdom erkennen (© Werner Neuwirth Privatarchiv)


Stephanskirche in Vienna is beautiful, and (somehow) much darker than the Gothic cathedrals of France and England. This made photographing it a challenge; tripods weren’t allowed so I couldn’t do a longer exposure. I settled for a underexposure.

Here’s where editing can really make a photo. I decided that I’d push the moodiness really far, and really replicate the feeling I felt when standing here, which was this beautiful dark texture. It’s also really haunting (beneath the floors of the church are the catacombs where they put plague victims, who are still there), and I wanted to keep that darkness.

Photo by Kaitlin

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