End of January Eurovision Update

So it’s 2014 2015 now and that means that Eurovision is in a just a few months. I am excited, you’re probably excited, everybody’s excited. The countdown has begun, literally.

Mid January, Eurovision pretty much exploded with announcement after announcement, with various national finals across Europe announcing their candidates and a few more announcements about what to expect in May.

Significantly, on the 14th of January, Georgia selected their representative, Nina Sublatti with her song ‘Warrior’. I don’t want to say i predicted it, but i predicted it. That may or may not be a slight twitter promotion.

Also, Spain announced their artist, Edurne, and her song ‘Amanecer’ which we will be hearing and seeing in February.

France announced on the 23rd January that Lisa Angell would be representing them, with the song ‘N’oubliez Pas’. 

Switzerland had their National Final, yet another disappointment and Mélanie René won with her song ‘Time to shine’.

Also, we saw the first glimpse of the Eurovision 2015 stage, which is described as ‘A huge eye’ and of course, the true deep meaning, ‘It forms a bridge between the artists, their delegations and the audience all over the world’. Right. I’m just kidding, every year the stage is incredible and i’m sure 2015 will be no different.

The stage will consist of 1288 pillars, be 44 metres in width, 14, 3 metres in height and 22 metres in depth, for everyone who wanted to know. The LED pillars can produce a wide variety of lighting effects, as can the 11 metre diameter stage floor. In the background, there is another LED wall of 22 metres wide and 8,5 metres high.

January 26th. A very important day as we all know, in which the Semi Final allocation draw for this years contest took place. Here are the results of the Semi Final allocation draw, and the voting details. 

February is going to be absolutely crazy, don’t say i didn’t warn you. It’s the most popular month for Eurovision selection with multiple national finals every week, and i am looking forward to it so much. Thanks for reading, make sure to follow me on tumblr for the End of February Eurovision Update and on twitter for more frequent updates.