Man, thank you all for the feedback! vielmond and koboldart, I’d never thought of my stuff as haunted and freedom-y, those were super intriguing to see. Mind if I ask you all to elaborate a little more as to what you mean? I’m really glad so many folks see it as sort of digital oils, I’ve been wanting to emulate tradi material for some time now, and it’s nice to see it’s coming through!

vielmond replied to your post: vielmond answered your question:Man, …

Strive to learn what you don’t know yet, and to improve on the areas you’re weakest. But don’t worry, your technique is beautiful. Ghostly colors are something I particularly dig!

Will do! Trying to get self to start doing studies, so I can really understand stuff rather than intuit it all the time. Will see how it goes! But thanks, I’ll keep it up!