I need everyones collaboration

So I’ve been meaning to update my masterpost so I can publish it but in order to do so, I need EVERYONES help. Since there are so many resources blog out there, I want you to reply to this with your favorites, it can include:

  • Theme makers
  • Textures
  • PSDs
  • Tutorials
  • Actions makers
  • Screencaps sites
  • Brushes
  • Resources sites
  • Anything…


Thank you all for making of this 2014 a very special year, Thanks for all the love and support and also thank you for filling my dashboard with beauty. Really thank you for all and I hope you all have a very Holly Jolly Holidays♥

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P.D: To the people I forgot I’m really sorry

capallywinchester replied to your post: capallywinchester replied to your post…

But like the stores. The giant Toys R Us and the pokemon store. And you can go to the memorial.

There’s a Pokemon store??? O=

I honestly don’t know if I’ll go to the memorial :/ We went to where the wreathes were last time I went and that was pretty emotional so idk if I’d be able to not cry if we went to the new one.