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Natasha was sitting in her room, going over the files from her last mission. It had been fairly easy, nothing she couldn’t handle. She’d walked away with a few bumps and bruises, and a ton of data that Shield could use. It had taken longer than expected though, and now she was back for the first time in almost a month. She looked up when her bedroom door opened, hoping to see a certain person’s face.

Palinurus: nemo hinc prohibet nec votat,

quin quod palam est venale, si argentum est, emas.

nemo ire quemquam publica prohibet via;

dum ne per fundum saeptum facias semitam,

dum ted abstineas nupta, vidua, virgine,

iuventúte et pueris liberis, ama quidlubet.


Palinurus: No one hinders nor forbids this, to buy that which, if you have the money, is openly for sale. No one prevents anyone from going along the public road; so long as you don’t make a path through a fenced-in field, so long as you abstain from married women, widows, maidens, young men, and free boys, love whatever you want!

– Plautus’ Curculio, 35-38

you can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 10 songs, then pass this onto 10 people.

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1. jet pack blues — fall out boy
2. glory & gore — lorde
3. durban skies — bastille 
4. come away to the water — maroon 5 & rozzi crane 
5. my heart is the worst kind of weapon — fall out boy
6. abraham’s daughter — arcade fire 
7. elastic heart — sia, diplo & the weeknd 
8. beat the devil’s tattoo — black rebel motorcycle club 
9. bad_news — bastille 
10. charlie boy — the lumineers 

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The pinktail triggerfish is omnivorous, feeding most heavily on algae and detritus, but ingests crustaceans, octopuses and small fishes on occasion. It usually occurs singly and tends to rather hard to approach and photograph. The juveniles settle out of the plankton at a rather large size - around 13 cm in length. In fact, the young fish was described as a separate species, known as Melichthys nycteris. (Photograph: Scott W. Michael)

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who are your 'mains'?

I can’t format, but mischiefwithabite, agentxthirteenx, rexofsilva, shieldgxddess, maryplantagenet, lxgneren, firmitudx, viduae, unholyhost and those are who I can think of off the top of my head there’s probably a few more :D