jon cozart’s performance at vid inc yayayayaaya yay bravo!omg!i was singing through the entire video lol (and i screamed and clapped my hands a couple of time at the end):)


Australia’s first ever youtube convention shenanigan was held last Sunday, which of course I attended, because as you all probably already know I have an ever so slight obsession with youtubers.

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So there are no British youtubers at YTFF in Sydney, but I still want to go, I mean I’ve already seen Ryan and Jenna but not Bethany and Tyler and Troye. I’m also curious as to how the show will work, as most of the youtubers are not really performers and in other similar events they have just answered questions.

Also I went to VIDinc last year, and tickets were a lot cheaper with a bigger line up of youtubers, which was worth it, and I met quite a few youtubers just walking around the convention. The YTFF seems like just a seated show, I’m not too sure what it entails, but it doesn’t really seem quite worth the price. However in saying that, as a youtube fanatic I would still like to go and experience it, but the tickets for the Sunday show are all sold out and I didn’t buy one because I thought I could obtain a media pass.

The PR agency emailed me back quite late saying they already allocated media passes and tickets are sold out :’( so now I can’t attend the Sunday show, as a guest either. I’m pretty disappointed in that, especially because I’m studying PR and I know how important it is to build up and keep a good rapport with the media.

There is another Thursday show, which there are still tickets for, but I have an exam on the Friday so I can’t go.

Really bummed I won’t be able to attend this event :(

Planning on just going to the city everyday after uni, to ‘casually bump into’ some youtubers!