I am what some people might call a geek or nerd. I will sit around my house and play video games all the time… but unlike some of those geeks or nerds, I have this thing called a life. I’m decent in school, play sports, have a gf, and I actually do a lot of things that most nerds or geeks don’t. Like this weekend, I’m taking my NLS crash course, and am training to become a life guard. But, this is one of the things I like, so I put it up on my blog… Video game music… Love It! I found it on Stumble Upon and thought it was neat. That is what this blog is for, me posting things I like… I will tell you more about myself as time goes on… and after I get more followers.. 



In honour of Remembrance Day yesterday, we will look at Michael Giacchino’s fantastic “Medal of Honor: Frontline” score. The album is brimming with emotion due to Giacchino’s handling of the orchestra. Highlights include “Operation Market Garden”, “After the Drop”, and “Arnhem”. Themes aplenty, this score is a must have for fans of classic orchestral scores and the Medal of Honor games - 9/10.