ONE FANTASTIC WEEK | Ep. 35 - Karla Ortiz

Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal have this awesome weekly videocast that I’ve been watching for a while, and I’m almost ashamed I haven’t shared it with you guys yet. They bring on special guests every week (like Magic artist Karla Oritz!), and talk about all things art and working in the industry. (NOTE: This particular episode has a bit more foul language than usual.)


Descobrir a bolota na cozinha

As crianças do Jardim de Infância da Universidade de Coimbra descobrem a bolota, o fruto do sobreiro e azinheira, põem as mãos na massa, e fazem um delicioso pão com farinha de bolota.


Finished Object Friday!

This litter of cuteness is made from the Beans the Cat pattern by Linda Dawkins. They are knit up in all the cat colored sock scraps I could find in the leftovers basket on US 1.5 DPN’s. I changed the row numbers a bit to get the right look (12 rows for the body, 11 for the head), and made the tails as long as my palm. 

There are thirteen little catlumps in all. They are so cute that I’ve been spamming my loved ones with pictures and routinely interrupting my boyfriend’s Fire Emblem game to show him the tiny little nuggets. It’s beginning to be problematic. 

These were knit up for the Little-Along KAL hosted by the LittleBobbinsKnits and Little Yellow Uke Crafts podcats. I first heard about it on Little Bobbins, and I highly recommend it for people who like videocasts. Dani is a lovely host, with great color sense and terrific projects. Plus, I got a call out for the little kitties in episode 18! Anywho, happy Friday, darlings!

I am looking at google play’s top paid apps and of the first 50 there are 9 that aren’t games and they’re like, guitar tabs and a thing to look at your car’s engine and videocasting

Nerd O'Clock 2/15/15
  • Nerd O'Clock 2/15/15
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The Cosplayers of Prop Troopers UNITE to bring you….

Nerd O’clock!

A Videocast where we talk about all topics including costume making, prop building, gaming, anime, movies, music, ALL WHILE IN COSTUME!

Join the Fun in the Chat room and ask any questions you may have.

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GLORY 19: Official Nielsen ratings make happy reading for US kickboxing fans

The official Nielsen Ratings are in for GLORY 19: VERHOEVEN vs. ZIMMERMAN and they are good news for the organization. Live viewers for the Friday, Spike TV broadcast averaged out at 542,000 with a peak of 825,000. That makes it the second-most viewed GLORY show on Spike, with only GLORY 13 TOKYO topping it. What’s particularly notable is that the figures also represent a more that 50% increase on the figures for GLORY 18 OKLAHOMA, which averaged 352,000. GLORY 18 took place after a nearly three-month layoff and didn’t carry much in the way of star power, whereas GLORY 19 carried a heavyweight title fight (always a draw) had Mike Tyson plugging it and probably benefited from the exposure Joe Schilling has received through his Bellator appearance and guest spot on the Joe Rogan Experience videocast. It may also be worth noting that Nieky Holzken has been present on GLORY’s two highest-rated Spike TV cards. That may be a coincidence, but if forum chatter is anything to go by there is at least some evidence that Holzken is one of GLORY’s better-known names in the US fight fan fraternity. Up next is GLORY 20 DUBAI on Friday, April 3. The UFC veteran Pat ‘HD’ Barry is providing the star power for that card via a co-main event fight with Peter Aerts’ former training partner Mourad Bouzidi. The main event features the organization’s first-ever World Featherweight Championship fight. That weight class is not traditionally as big of a draw as heavier classes but it features two exceptional talents in Gabriel Varga and Mosab Amrani and the former is fighting out of Canada so has a North American connections the casual viewers will recognize. New York’s Wayne Barrett features in the Middleweight Contender Tournament, facing Simon ‘Bad Bwoy’ Marcus of Canada. The other bracket has Alex Pereira of Brazil facing Jason Wilnis of the Netherlands. Only Marcus has never previously featured on Spike TV. With GLORY 19 and GLORY 20 being eight weeks apart there is a still something of a gap between events, but this coming Friday’s CBS Sports broadcast of the GLORY Superfight Series 19 card does at least something to bridge that. Plus, one of the biggest issues which faced GLORY in 2014 was event cancellations, postponements and a general air of uncertainty. With large gaps between events there was little consistency and therefore no momentum. GLORY 20 was announced several weeks ago and will benefit hugely from that. If the company can commit to announcing GLORY 21 in the next few weeks then it will at last be hitting the kind of consistency that fans can get into. In the meantime, the GLORY 19 viewer numbers are good news for the company and attention now turns to whether the feat can be repeated for GLORY 20.

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#RSElektronika #SSR #relay W tym odcinku omawiamy przekaźniki.


Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann meets race driver Joachim „Jockel“ Winkelhock for a test drive with the brand new Corsa E OPC at the Opel Testcenter in Dudenhofen. Subscribe now and follow @KT_Neumann on Twitter:

Im aktuellen Videocast trifft Opel CEO Dr. Neumann Rennfahrer Joachim “Jockel” Winkelhock zu einer Testfahrt mit dem neuen Corsa E OPC im Opel Testcenter in Dudenhofen. Abonnieren Sie den Videocast auf: und folgen Sie @KT_Neumann auf Twitter:


The David Icke Videocast: Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone!

The David Icke Videocast: Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone! (Video)

The David Icke Videocast: Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone! (Video) Posted on February 27, 2015 by JayWill7497 **David Icke’s Acclaimed 2014 All-Day AWAKEN!! Wembley Presentation Now Available To See On Demand** ** Limited Edition Wembley 2014 poster available:…… ** The David Icke Videocast can be delivered to your email every Sunday. Sign up at Many believe that America is plunging head first into a civil war with the forces of the New World Order which have hijacked our government. Trust me, nobody reading these words wants live through the times that the globalists have planned for us and if you listen to people who advocate for a civil war, at the present time, then you need your head examined.

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The David Icke Videocast: Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone!

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Signals that Regulate Human Gamma Delta T Cells at the Molecular Level

Date: Wednesday, 03 04, 2015; Speaker: Dr. Erin Adams, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology , University of Chicago; Bldg 10 Lipsett Amphitheater; Videocast Event