this guy in my class played turn down for what on his cello


g  u  y  s


On Set With Fifth Harmony (“All I Want For Christmas Is You” Behind the Scenes)


Total Divas Sneak Peek - Season 3, EP 11: Paige’s brownies.


Sitting too much can literally be lethal. So here’s an excuse to take more breaks at work - just tell your boss “science said so!”



#LittleMixmasCountdown # 8 Little Mix become Little Santas! 


his is the beginning of an epic battle. See what’s in store for Outlander when it returns April 4.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS: Main Theme *viola cover*


The Gender Spectrum

Let’s tackle the gigantic and slightly intimidating subject of the entire gender spectrum, shall we? Easy peasy. 

Links: Questioning Video, Gender examples (one and two)


Mariana Trench expedition led by UH scientists breaks deep-sea fish records

by KHON Web Staff

During a recent expedition to Mariana Trench, an international team led by two University of Hawaii scientists found an active, thriving community of animals, including a new species of the deepest fish ever recorded.

The Hadal Ecosystem Studies expedition aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor differed from other deep-sea trench research by exploring life and geologic processes across the entire hadal zone, rather than focusing solely on the trench’s deepest point.

“Many studies have rushed to the bottom of the trench, but from an ecological view that is very limiting. It’s like trying to understand a mountain ecosystem by only looking at its summit,” said co-chief scientist Jeff Drazen. Patty Fryer was the other co-chief scientist.

Scientists sampled a broad spectrum of environments using five deep-sea vehicle systems called landers at specifically targeted depths from 5,000-10,600 meters (16,404–34,777 feet)…

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video: A compilation of video footage captured from deep sea lander vehicles, including supergiant amphipods.