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Fox 8 Cleveland angry with LKWD Music Fest after Communist musician calls for end to capitalism on live TV

FOX is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

FOX News: “Well, Boots, tell us a little bit about your band and the lineup people are going to hear today?” asked Fox 8 reporter Autumn Ziemba.

RILEY: Well, we’re a punk/funk/Communist revolution band.

FOX News: OK.

RILEY: And we are from Oakland, California, and we make everyone dance while we’re telling them about how we need to get rid of the system.

FOX News: Mmm.

RILEY: How exploitation is the primary contradiction in capitalism. And that if we want to express our power, we’re going to have to be more radical in our actions.

this is an all-Black band, from Oakland, and they’re called "The Coup." *buys CD*

Watch Fox News lose control


jarv2475: It’s not all hard work!

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John Oliver Expected To Catch Miss America In A Lie, But What He Found Was Kinda Worse


@106andpark: Performance Alert‼️Are y’all ready to see @fifthharmony shut the 106 stage downnnn‼️ **DBL Tap if urr tuned in** WE’RE SO LIVEEEEE


Team Bieber: Found in the #VideoVault - making sure the moves are on lock!

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5 Seconds Of Summer perform “End Up Here” at iHeartRadio

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Backstage at iHeartRadio: One Direction’s Liam Payne on How He Injured His Hand

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Fifth Harmony-Boss 106 and park
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5 Seconds Of Summer perform “Good Girls” at iHeartRadio



The Physics of Space Battles

This week I strapped on my helmet, jumped in my handy starfighter, and used up It’s Okay to be Smart’s entire special effects budget so we could take a look at some of the physics at play when it comes to space battles.

How would spacecraft maneuver without terrestrial aerodynamics? In a zero-g environment devoid of atmosphere, what kinds of weapons might they use? And how do we overcome the fact that space is really, really, REALLY big? Join in the comments on the YouTube page and let me know if you think any of your favorite science fiction gets it right (or wrong).

Join me and Obi-Wan Newton to discover the Physics of Space Battles! Watch here: 

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Taylor is featured on at least one page in Ed Sheeran’s upcoming book about his journey to fame (at the 4 second mark)!

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Backstage at iHeartRadio: One Direction’s Liam Payne on How He Injured His Hand

"Extra’s" Charissa Thompson was backstage in the portrait room at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas catching up with One Direction’s Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. Liam chatted about how he injured his hand and the the three members chatted about the inspiration for the band’s latest single.


taking a group photo at @roosterteeth is harder than you think #CocaCola (x)