How video gaming can be beneficial for the brain

Video gaming causes increases in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation and strategic planning as well as fine motor skills. This has been shown in a new study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus. The positive effects of video gaming may also prove relevant in therapeutic interventions targeting psychiatric disorders.

In order to investigate how video games affect the brain, scientists in Berlin have asked adults to play the video game “Super Mario 64” over a period of two months for 30 minutes a day. A control group did not play video games. Brain volume was quantified using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In comparison to the control group the video gaming group showed increases of grey matter, in which the cell bodies of the nerve cells of the brain are situated. These plasticity effects were observed in the right hippocampus, right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. These brain regions are involved in functions such as spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning and fine motor skills of the hands. Most interestingly, these changes were more pronounced the more desire the participants reported to play the video game.

“While previous studies have shown differences in brain structure of video gamers, the present study can demonstrate the direct causal link between video gaming and a volumetric brain increase. This proves that specific brain regions can be trained by means of video games”, says study leader Simone Kühn, senior scientist at the Center for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Therefore Simone Kühn and her colleagues assume that video games could be therapeutically useful for patients with mental disorders in which brain regions are altered or reduced in size, e.g. schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia.

“Many patients will accept video games more readily than other medical interventions”, adds the psychiatrist Jürgen Gallinat, co-author of the study at Charité University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus. Further studies to investigate the effects of video gaming in patients with mental health issues are planned. A study on the effects of video gaming in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder is currently ongoing.

Warframe: Male Ember and Saryn Concept by Liger-Inuzuka

Initializing artist’s comments…

We have come to the conclusion that Ember and Saryn are the most appealing female frames in Warframe, and by derivative a male counterpart would be just as appealing. We aimed to portray these potential male variations of the Ember and Saryn Warframes against an artistic graphical spreadsheet.

Note: The male Saryn’s design is interpreted as wearing thigh high boots and a side-zipped coat with fur trimming.

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Let’s see some DayZ video! A quiet start for us with a video blog, we’re only detailing a few areas of progress in this weeks update. We show a peek at the new UI, some detail on the new clothing functions available in the engine, and take a tour round a few of the many new areas inside the updated Chernarus map.

We’ve edited out our use of the Inventory system, which we’re keeping under wraps for the moment (covered out with hilarious images photoshopped by forum members on the official DayZ forums at!)

So where are we at?

Development is continuing to progress in extremely positive ways for us. The architectural decisions we have taken are providing continued dividends with the development of our disease mechanics, and in the ability to create notes in the world.

Inventory is fully synchronizing with the central database, including inventory inside clothing items. Essentially your clothing is like many little backpacks.

We’re getting plenty of bugs coming in from our closed internal testing, and we haven’t moved to our closed external testing just yet. There is still no timeframe for when this will happen, but we’re committed to continuing with these development updates and blog posts.

What is next?

We’re working very hard on the inventory system even more, and it looks like the crafting system is close in next in our development. It would be fair to say that inventory and crafting are the key development objective currently, second only to the client/server architecture (makes DayZ more like an MMO), and new zombie AI mechanics (an ongoing task).

We look forward to giving even more information, new exciting areas, features, functions, and updates in the coming blogs! We’re all confident it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to join in the development yourself.


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Concept Art of Zephyr our Wind Elemental type frame of the video game Warframe.

Our sincerest wishes would be for the developers to see our work and consider our ideas. [And if they do, we would love a Prime version just for ourselves. Maybe a fancy badge. ..and maybe some platinum out of the deal…

Check out the full forum post detailing Zephyr and his abilities posted by us under our in game name. (You need to be logged in to view the forums)

Edit - Dec.12.13 

Unique Syndanas Added!

Unique Syndanas Turbulence, Sylph, and Mistral.New Prime version soon to follow.


A very busy couple of weeks for the whole team has just ended. Everyone has been preparing for our next big update, scheduled for sometime this month. Some highlights outlined in this post.

Guaranteed Updates

As previously mentioned we want to move from the current situation where the client and server “spam” messages at each other, hoping that some of the messages get through. Because they can’t be sure, the updates have to be sent again and again. This is believed to be the major restriction from breaking the 100 player limit. We anticipate this will be appearing on experimental servers next week, and then onward into the update for this month.


We’re ready now for our final implementation next week of fireplaces and the ability to light flammable objects on fire. Many visual updates and changes to the engine have occurred as part of this and we’re now making the mechanisms for players to decide where and how to make fires and how to light items on fire.

Physics and Throwing

We will be deploying this to experimental next week to gain some more feedback on its implementation. Progress on ragdoll has been steady although this is unlikely to be in experimental next week and will be ongoing for some time. A new animation system and animations have been made that allow you to “power” up your throw, the same system is used to allow you to draw your arrow when firing from the bow.

Player Mouse Control

Many players have outlined how much the mouse acceleration/controls need to be modified. Players head (view) will move instantly with raw 1:1 mouse feedback. Weapons may “lag behind” depending on how heavy and cumbersome the weapon is. For example, players with a pistol will be able to turn around and fire much faster than a player with a M4, or a chainsaw.

This represented a great deal of work and the complete replacement of the old system, therefore some bugs and plenty of tweaking are expected.

These will be deployed to experimental next week for more player feedback.

From the Art Team: Chris Torchia, Lead Artist

We’ve got our team working in so many different areas its hard to write a small summary of all the work.  

We’re wrapping up our part with archery and have a nice looking improvised bow and crossbow to release soon. Our animators have been spending time in the mocap studio to get accurate drawing, firing, and reloading animations for them and its looking great.  

Our new studio in Bratislava has been hard at work making some of the new food items which were shown by Dean at Rezzed as well as create all new wildlife models and we’re hoping the combination of archery, wildlife, and campfires will create a unique survival hunting experience for our players.

As for firearms, the P1 pistol is complete and configured in game. The same is true for the AKM but we need to spend some time polishing some of the rough edges before adding them to the loot tables and pushing to public. We’re finally going to implement stripper clips with the mosin and sweep through and tweek some of the firearm cfg values. As well, a little project I’ve kept under wraps is nearing completion. The first SMG in DayZ game will soon be ready and I hope you all will like it.

For character art our talented artists have created a couple new player heads for more unique looking characters which we’ll add in soon.  As well, we’ve made a Soviet-style officer hat and the tracksuit!  Next up, we’ll look at police, EMT, and firefighters.

Lastly, our environment art and map teams have continued to create new, interesting buildings and objects, as well as expanding the number of explorable towns, with the addition of Karmanovka – a town containing over 3000 objects!


Final Fantasy job class apparel on Redbubble

These shirts and sweaters of the original Final Fantasy job classes and their strengthened upgrades are available in different sizes (US infant, child and adult) and styles (from normal T-shirts, women’s fit, v-necks, hoodies and zip-up sweaters).

In addition to the simple black and white shirts you see above, they are all also available in a myriad of colors, printed on 100% cotton American Apparel clothing. Note that the black and white texts are more legible on certain color fields than others, so please do take this into consideration.


The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name is a badass biker racing game with tons of customisation options, procedurally generated levels and lots of Road Rash-style violence.

It’s a fun arcade racer where you race against (and beat up) a selection of larger than life characters (including bears) on a selection of procedurally generated highways while listening to Trash Metal.  As well as the standard Arcade racing, there’s a nice range fun gamely modes, including a Mario Kart-Style ‘Mustache Mode' with some ridiculous power-ups, 'Long Jump' and 'Offroad Tree Slalom'.  

It’s an Arcade Racer that all about the fun, revelling in it’s own silliness. The Cool Biker Game With a Temporary Name does have a name, it’s name is ‘Fun!’  

Play the free Alpha Build and check out the IndieGoGo Campaign.