The Winds Of Salem; Part 3)

- Target acquired? -

"I spy with my little eye." The signature catch phrase is said as she approaches an old victorian era manor. 

The Black Canary has found the residence of the three sisters. She scales the house with her acrobatic abilities checking all the windows but sees no sign of the sisters.

She looks down, and makes sure her wig and mask are well placed as she prepares herself for a courageous jump. But with skills as high as the canary she has nothing to fear. The bravest witch hunter alive.

She backflips off the roof, rebounds off a wall and lands with a forward roll just at the edge of the lowest level roof. Not far from the ground now she waits. When will the witches get home? Then she can go in for the kill.

  • Character: Toy Bonnie
  • Fandom: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  • Reason for Being Hated: Being part of the new models that made the old ones out of order, too cute for a terror game, perpetuates Bonnie’s gender confusion.

From another submitter: Replaced the old Bonnie and “stole his face”(which isn’t entirely true), gender ambiguous/looks like a girl, wears make-up, “slutty”, cruel in fanon. (Note from submitter: I have never seen such stupid reasons to bash on a character, especially when a majority of it is made-up…The hate on Toy Bonnie kinda lowered since the game’s release, but I still see people doing this.)


Can we take a moment to realize that Brendon Urie sang the song from Super Mario


Bloodborne Battle

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