and on that fateful day, the pizza delivery boy had a crude reminder of just how seriously Connie takes his bets (psst, pizza delivery boy was Bertl, you’re welcome)

SO apparently it’s a special lil’ somebody’s birthday today *squints loudly at Gia* so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE PIE! you’re an inspiration to me as both a person and an artist and I hope you’ve had yourself a wonderful day celebrating ‘n chilling :D


"Don’t touch the butt"


Inside Me ( Nils Frahm - Me Rework)

Music video by Dmitry Zakharov of abstract forms takes place in a 3D scan of the artist’s body - video embedded below:

This project is based on a 3D-scan technique, which allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in a software. It is possible to view this object not just from outside, but also from the inside as a negative as well, which creates abstract shapes.
The colouration was generated with the help of colour data I took from a real picture.
The film reflects the invisible inner world of an individual, which owns a small universe in itself, created by experiences and feelings - as well in the digital world as in real life. We try to express ourselves and approach our world another being, but still, nobody can see in our souls entirely.
For me, the process of scanning is a very important part of this work itself.
The idea of digitising a body and hence the creation and deformation of its computer generated self, reflects the digital world we live in today. We create an alternative world, in which everybody can be what they want to be. In some way, it resembles to an act of creation.

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So there’s a bug in Dragon Age: Origins that makes Shale’s gifts have a diminishing affection return, which makes it hard to buy her affection. Kind of annoying, especially since her gifts are the most expensive in the entire game.

Instead of buying overpriced gemstones, why not give her something she’d truly appreciate and have a smashing time with, at least for a moment?

Yes I’ve entered DA fanart mode, so sue me

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See Huion’s amazing GT-220 in action in my latest video!

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