this year i will be attending Vidcon with my best friend,
she suggested i would make one of these post to write every url from here
for the people that can’t attend vidcon for their reasons.

so if you would like, you can reblog or like (both count) this post
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(just to put out there, i will title the journal as “URLS that couldn’t make it to Vidcon, but would like to say hey!’)

Shane Dawson is a Racist, and the community needs to stop being quiet about racist content creators.

I commented on his video because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of a community that will so quickly and vehemently rid themselves of a guy pinching cute White girl asses, but is too cowardly to speak out against prominent youtubers who have been racist in videos, on stage at Vidcon, and elsewhere. It’s not okay. It’s not to be tolerated, and I’m not going to back down. I want an apology that isn’t just covering your ass because your movie is tanking everywhere. I want you to admit that you perpetuated stereotypes that have ended the lives of Black and Brown people around the world–in your videos. And I want you to tell your rabid fans that they’re wrong. Because you are helping shape young minds that will continue these horrible oppressive acts if you don’t. 

Shame on you, Shane.

To anyone going to Vidcon, Playlist, SITC, Amplify, Tyler's, or Dan and Phils Tour's, ect.

If you are meeting anyone involved with a ship (ex. Phan tronnor troyler) DO NOT I repeat DO NOT do the following please.

• mention the ship
• approach them with proof of the ship
• ask them to kiss/ get touchy feely or romantic
• make sexual/romantic jokes about them together
• ask invasive questions

This has been a psa.


Earlier today Laura Chernikoff made this tweet

Which prompted this conversation

And that got me interested in working out what the demographics have been for the Special Guests (as listed on their websites) of the past four major YouTube events. I feel like we’re all generally aware that women and people of color are underrepresented at these things, but when you look at the numbers it becomes embarrassingly clear how ridiculous this disparity is.

The highest percentage of female Special Guests at any of these events was 32% at Summer in the City. LESS THAN 1/3. 

The highest percentage of Special Guests of color* at any of these events is 16% at the current Buffer Festival. LESS THAN 1/6. (And SitC only had ONE PoC on their Special Guest list this year, which is fucking absurd.)

I don’t want to rant about this too much, I just sort of want to make these numbers known because I find them maddening. And if you guys do too, I encourage you to message the organizers of these events, let them know your thoughts, and maybe recommend them some of the incredible prominent women and PoC we have in this community. 

  • Playlist Live:
  • VidCon:
  • Summer in the City:
  • Buffer Festival: (Corey contacted me not too long ago about female representation at Buffer and I gave him a ton of names, but I don’t know if he had time to take any of those suggestions on board in time for the event. Hopefully it’s something he and the team are genuinely serious about and that next year will be better on that).

C'mon YouTube events. I love you, but you seriously need to get your shit together.

*Note that my count is based primarily on looks and the people whose races I know for sure. If I made a mistake and missed anyone who’s white passing, let me know.

Youtubers starting vlogs at conventions:

*turns on daily vlogging camera*

Youtuber #1: Good morning guys! It is day number..

Youtuber #1: ??

*turns to other youtuber in room*

Youtuber #1: What day is it?

Youtuber #2: ????

Both: ???????????

Troye Sivan


(you can add a message if you want either on the post or in my ask)

*We have not signed up for meet ups yet but I will be signing up for Troye’s if I do not get to see him I will give this jar to someone who will be*


psa for those going to playlist/vidcon/summer in the city - if dan and phil are doing their meet and greets together, do not, i repeat NOTIGNORE ONE OF THEM AND ONLY HUG THE OTHER.
it’s HORRIBLE and confidence draining. someone did it to phil one year, and apparently he looked REALLY sad. they may be in their 20’s, but they still have feelings! even if you don’t like/watch one of them, think of it as buy one get one free!
have fun and be kind!!!