his grave was so ugly though. his coffin was beautiful and so was his green shroud. it was his favorite color. but it was such an ugly hole in the ground. and they put his coffin in a bigger stone coffin and used a bulldozer to carry it into the hole, and after that everyone went to go throw their own handful of dirt into the grave but this fucking jerkstain with a beard said to me and my friends ‘no the girls arent allowed to do this’ and pushed us out of the way he had the nerve to push us away from Abid’s grave. and then afterward they used the bulldozer to push the rest of the dirt onto the grave and they drove right over it. and after that it was a big ugly mound of dirt that looked kind of like a construction site with big tire tracks in it. Abid would’ve hated how it looked, it was so crude and ugly. i almost felt tempted to build him a castle out of that dirt. he deserved a monument bigger than the taj mahal.

Do you know what this is? This is a 1000 piece monochrome Escher puzzle, which I successfully completed today.

I have been working slowly but steadily on this all summer.

I am ridiculously proud of myself.

I have another 1000 piece monochromatic Escher puzzle with a harder image waiting to begin tomorrow.