victoriaroses01 said:

Hi love, if someone hasn't told you this yet today I wanted you to know that you're beautiful for who you are, not for what your body looks like. Your body is just the vessel that holds your wonderful soul, and its important to take care of it. I know its hard, but you deserve to love yourself and your vessel, I hope you get to a place of acceptance someday. XOXO

Thank you. This is so sweet. I hope I’ll accept myself one day as well. I’m really thankful for people like you on this earth. Keep spreading love. <3

victoriaroses01 said:

Don't leave love PLEASE! You are loved and wanted on this earth I PROMISE. You are worth SO SO SO much. You have a purpose here and I promise one day you will find it. Stay here <3 If you need anyone to talk to please message me any time. I Love you, we love you. Don't go.

It is so unimaginably hard for me to believe you… But I’ll stay for now. I love you too.

victoriaroses01 said:

I'm sorry for what your going through :( Stay strong.

You don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your fault, it’s no ones honestly. 
I wouldn’t call what I am strong so I can’t stay it but I understand the meaning behind what you meant and for that, thank you.

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Hi loves :) So this is a video I found to be really inspirational done by the Youtuber MissMeghanMakeup. She’s a lovely person, and this video is about how she stays positive. I really got a lot out of this, and it really helped to look at life with a different perspective! If you’re looking for a new way to stay positive, or just some inspiration try watching this :)