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Zach offering Victoria his sweatshirt to sleep with while she was Eve. 

This is so sweet :)

I hate when people say Victoria isn’t a Queen because she is irrelevant and sucks at comps. 

But these are literally the same people calling Paola a Queen when Paola was worse at competitions, and got evicted week 2.

While that “irrelevant” bitch was the last girl and holds the record for most nominations and is in final the 3 and guaranteed a 13k stipend. 


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9/14 4am Victoria and Cody - Shaving Cream Fight

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Cody talking about Nicody to Derrick and Victoria

Makes you realize that they have NO clue about the ship wars going on in the bb16 fandom. They’re going to be so shocked and probably a little creeped out when they get back into the real world.

Favs each series:
BB2: Will
BB3: Amy
BB4: Jun
BB5: Diane
BB6: Janelle
BB7: Janelle
BB8: Daniele
BB10: Dan/Keesha
BB11: Jordan (my first series lol)
BB12: Britney
BB13: Daniele/Porsche
BB14: Dan/Danielle
BB15: Elissa
BBCAN1: Jillian
BBCAN2: Neda
BB16: Princess Victoria

Yeah I don’t have much luck with winners (though Jill was my fav from day 1;) and I seem to love 3rd place :/


You’re my best friend. I am very thankful to have had you in this house the last two weeks, I would have never survived without you. Even though people were mean to me, you were always so nice to me and comforting. Knew what was best for me… now we’re up against each other on the block, it sucks, you’re a great person and I wish you the best in this game. I love you. Cheers.


a drunk nicole let’s us know what’s really on her mind