Minho lucifer
Onew lucifer
Jonghyun lucky star
Minho sherlock
4x jonghyun base
Onew fire
Minho fire
Minho 1000 years
Minho boys meet u album
Gyuri day & night
Sulli red light
Victoria electric shock
Group I’m your boy
Group Nu ABO
Group mom
Jonghyun i’m your boy
Minho boys meet u single
Sm the ballad group

Irene Ice cream cake

Lucifer - Key (KR)
B MOM - Onew (KR)
Juliette - Key (JP)
The First - Key, Minho (JP)
Sherlock(JP) - Jonghyun, x2Key, Taemin, Group (JP)
1000 years - Onew (JP)
Fire - Key (JP)
Boys meet u Album - Taemin (JP)
Boys meet u Single - Taemin (JP)
I’m your boy - Taemin (JP)
Replay - Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Group (JP)
Lucky Star - Key, Minho (JP)
Your Number - Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho (JP)

All my photocards are official and either KR or JP press, all in mint condition!

LARP Season is here and we’ve stocked up for all you archers! #yyj #victoria #larp #liveactionroleplay We got 60 arrows, 13 bows, 11 quivers, 11 shields plus some helmets and bracers. Should all be up on the website today/tomorrow. (at Dragon Impact : Martial Art Equipment and Supplies)