Late Dinner || Victor T and Rhea

She had just left the theater. It was a good night, she supposed. Not her usual, but the conversation she had with Ezra made things a bit better. She could almost feel the stupid wings on her stomach, flapping around and making her dizzy and stupid. She didn’t like it. So far, she had fall in love a couple of times, but at the end, it was all illusions, she always found that she was basically kidding herself because of the good feeling. She was always in love with the idea of falling in love and never in love with someone. That was probably it. She was still in the denial stage. Too soon – her mind kept telling herself.

Rhea looked her watch. It was late, but New York was the city that never sleeps and she had a date. There was nothing else she wanted than go home, to her bathtub and maybe find him there, but she told Victor she was worth the trouble and he had invited her out, why not give him a chance? Wasn’t she the one complaining about Daniel’s way of diving completely in one only person that he barely knew? She would be too much of a hypocrite if she did that herself.

There was an apparently good restaurant crossing the street she was. She wasn’t sure if Victor had made any plans, considering he didn’t seem much used with the rules of taking a girl out. Maybe it was a footballer thing. They had all those cheerleaders and females throwing themselves at him. Either way, she wasn’t sure about what he had in mind. “Hey, are you still up for that dinner?” she quickly typed on her cell phone and pressed send, waiting for a response to know what she would be doing.