In honour of Danger’s NEW LIVE hitting in a little under 32 hours time I did a little Photoshop earlier. I mashed this together from a whole bunch of composite images. The pyramid’s dimensions are a little off but I’m happy. Possibly the first thing I’ve made on Photoshop that hasn’t be abjectly awful.

Click on the image for a bigger version. Let me know what you think!

This is from Saturday. Walked through the route for the parkour video. Wasn’t intending on actually doing anything but couldn’t resist. Those shoes are wafer thin. Good practice trying to balance carrying a bike lock, helmet and camera. Still trying to finalise how the video will play out, currently thinking about doing stop motion. Going to have to decide soon, got a deadline coming up.


Decided to finally try and get to grips with Adobe Illustrator this morning. I’m finding it about as intuitive as a punch in the face. Anywho, I should really be working on my essays but here’s a little proof of concept for a Superman poster I want to make. It looks completely turd now (You might notice Earth has no countries. Or land, for that matter.) but that’s almost a literal throwing together of bits and pieces. It should look way better when I’m finished with it. Think I’m going to try and get a crate paper type look but I need to work out how to do that first.

Procrastination is my life.