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the signs as once upon a time characters
  • Aries:Henry Mills
  • Taurus:Regina Mills
  • Gemini:Ruby Lucas
  • Cancer:Victor Whale
  • Leo:Killian Jones
  • Virgo:Will Scarlet
  • Libra:David Nolan
  • Scorpio:Emma Swan
  • Sagittarius:Robin Hood
  • Capricorn:Snow White
  • Aquarius:Graham Humbert
  • Pisces:Belle French

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

On 2/18/15 I was lucky enough to to meet the band that saved my life. They were so sweet and genuine.  When I went over to Pierce The Veil, I just ran to Tony and hugged him and then went down the line and when I was getting to Jaimie he was jumping up and down trying to get me to loosen up. They were trying to calm me down so I could actually talk to them. I told Vic how much their music has helped me with my depression, anxiety, and self harm and how their music has kept me alive. Vic then asked for my name and I told him. He then said “Kayli keep that confidence up. You deserve to be here, you deserve to be alive.”  Jaimie joined in saying that I deserve this and that I deserve to have a great time tonight and Mike told me to keep up the hard work. Vic told me thank you for supporting them and that it means a lot that their music has helped me so much. It was truly amazing to have met them they were amazing. I grabbed my signed poster and went into the club and I ended up being second row. Jaimie noticed me a lot during the show too. I’m so happy I finally got to see my life savers perform. 



MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

When THE WORLD TOUR was announced I couldn’t have been happier. Pierce The Veil is a band I consider to be very important to me so when they announced the first tour they would have been on since House Party Tour I was overjoyed. I missed them and only then did I realize how long it had really been. By the time my first date on The World Tour would arrive (Norfolk, VA) it would be over a year since I had last seen them. 

This tour I took on more than I ever before. Not so much in distance but in volume. I went to a total of 16 dates (originally I planned 19 but sold a few off) and on every date I was blessed and lucky enough to be in the VIP. I knew going into this tour that it would be the last one I followed like this and as much as I tried to prepare myself for how much the ending would hurt, there was no way I could.

Over these 16 dates it wasn’t me telling these bands my life story over and over again. Some days it was nothing more than a ‘hello’ and then ‘see you in there.’ But somehow I think those moments meant more to me. Because I became a part of these guys’ daily life for a number of weeks just as much as they became mine. Of course wonderful events occured as well, like being on stage for Bulletproof love and being called out by Kellin (on the same night). So many memories that I can’t even write them down.

Coming into the tour I was there for PTV and leaving it, I love them even more (if possible) and I have gained so much respect and new found perspective when it comes to SWS. Both bands (and their crews) have treated me with such kindness and respect that I simply cannot stop spreading it.

I am truly blessed. To have these people in my life and even more so to have them actually know who I am. And I will anxiously await the day that we get to cross paths again.