This is so accurate for me right now. I’ve actually been feeling so sad and having scary/sad nightmares and I know it’s because of my mom being sick it’s so scary to even think that one of your perentals can pass away just like that. Gets me thinking way too much about literally everything about my life. Oh and I read my household loved ones horoscope and it’s also way too accurate.

This is Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator.  I worked for him at Viaweb, a Harvard based start-up which developed a server based application that allowed small to medium sized businesses to develop a secure online store.  The company was purchased by Yahoo! and the product is now Yahoo! Store.

Paul was brilliant.  What amazed me the most is how he could take complex concepts and articulate them in a way that everyone understood.  For a developer, he also had strong design sense.  I feel very fortunate to have worked with him.