Carl Johnson was raised in Los Santos, living with his mother, his brothers Brian, Sean (Sweet), and his sister Kendl. CJ joined the Grove Street Families gang as a kid, and Sweet became the leader. The Families gained power in LS, although their enemies, the Ballas&Vagos continued to cause damage to them. Brian died&CJ was forced to leave his hometown&moved to Liberty City, where he started working as a car thief. At this time, the Families began losing power, and they split up to three sets, the original Families, the Seville Boulevard Families, and the Temple Drive Families. All the other territories were being controlled by Ballas&Vagos, who were interested in drug trade. When the Ballas plotted the Sweet’s death&the fall of the Families, they decided to do a drive-by shooting on the Johnson house, and they used a green Sabre car for the getaway. However, Sweet survived but his mother was caught in the crossfire, which forced CJ to return home for the funeral. When a taxi transported him to his old hood, a police car stopped him. The three cops who took CJ were Jimmy Hernandez, Eddie Pulaski, and Frank Tenpenny of the CRASH unit, a corrupt team of cops. At his house, he bumped into Big Smoke, one of the leading members of the gang&a long-time friend. They headed to the funeral, where they met the rest of the gang, Sweet, Kendl, and Ryder. The Ballas performed another drive-by, forcing the gang to leave on bikes. CJ met Kendl’s boyfriend, Cesar, leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas (enemies of the Vagos), and they became good friends. When CJ earned enough respect, Sweet decided to hit the Ballas hard. He readied an army of members to make a deadly shootout when Cesar phoned CJ, telling him to meet quickly. After CJ arrived, he realized  Smoke&Ryder were working with the enemies&were also involved in his mother’s death. When he got to his brother, he found Sweet heavily injured. After killing all the Ballas, the police arrived&arrested CJ, who found himself in a car with Tenpenny and Pulaski miles away from LS in the countryside. They told CJ to try to kill Smoke, otherwise Sweet would be put in a Ballas cell-block in jail. Along the way, CJ met Cesar’s [crazy] cousin Catalina, an aging hippie called The Truth, and Wu Zi Mu, leader of the triads. The Loco Syndicate’s an organization providing Smoke, Ballas, and Vagos with drugs. CJ decided to kill the heads, Jizzy B, T-Bone, and Mike Toreno. In the process, CJ worked with Woozie, helping him defeat the rival Vietnamese gang [Da Hang Boys]. An unknown caller told CJ to come to his ranch in Tierra Robada because he had info about Sweet. After CJ arrived, the man was revealed to be Toreno, who asked CJ to do missions for him in order for Sweet to be freed. Woozie became a successful businessman with a casino in Las Venturas, and told CJ about his plan to rob the rival Caligula’s Casino, which was run by the Italian mob. Tenpenny ordered CJ to kill an FBI agent to get a dossier. At this time, Hernandez was revealed to have talked to the authorities about Tenpenny’s corrupt operations. When he found out that, he called CJ to meet him in a ghost town in the desert, where CJ handed the dossier to Tenpenny, who hit Hernandez with a shovel, leaving him for dead. Tenpenny told Pulaski to kill CJ; Hernandez got up but Pulaski shot him&began to flee, but CJ chased him down&killed him. Carl picked up Sweet at the precinct&re-established the old gang. The Johnson brothers began a war on the Ballas&Vagos, taking almost all of LS from them. CJ entered Smoke’s crack palace, fighting his way through Ballas, Vagos, Rifas, and Russians. As he sat near a dying Smoke, CJ asked why he gave up the gang life, and Smoke explained he was too interested in the money. CJ didn’t have time to mourn his death as Tenpenny timely arrived with a shotgun&ordered CJ to load up Smoke’s drug fortune in a briefcase, which he intended to bring with him along with a new band of lackeys on a plane&flee San Andreas. Tenpenny drove off in a firetruck, but Sweet hung on the back while CJ pursued. Tenpenny eventually lost control&the truck fell to his death in the heart of Grove Street.

GTA: San Andreas, by KillMeMothafucka.