Handmade, Andrea Lugli, Gingko Press, USA 2006

“In an age of uninspired corporate design and ominous “viral marketing,” this book takes a fresh look at the world’s current production of “analogue design”. It is an international survey of the best examples created in recent times and draws on many influences from punk rock and cartoons to hand-painted street signs and graffiti. Handmade takes a refreshingly new, organic approach to this subject and exposes the appeal of its aesthetic power. Contributors range from young emerging artists to seasoned practitioners and include Matthias Gephart, Insect, Yuko Shimizu, Fawn Gehweiler, Fafi, Skwak, Sfaustina, Tokidoki, Melina Rodrigo, Yomar Augusto, Rinzen, Marok, Mike Giant, John John Jesse, WK Interact, Jasper Goodall, Charles Wilkin, Dave Kinsey, Shepard Fairey, and Chris Ashworth. Designers include Ed Fella, Plazm, Why Not Associates and Stefan Sagmeister.”


  • Kev Speck, London 



London lad Kev Speck’s style fuses collaged photographs and lazy, free-hand tracings with layered textures to create beautiful, heavily detailed illustrations. The acceleration of his career has been “surreal” (in his own words), but he aspires to raise his game with every single image.

  • Melina Rodrigo, NY

Melina Rodrigo is a New York City - based graphic artist who uses illustration and design to address various social and political issues.



  • Rinzen, Sydney

Rinzen is an Australian design and art group, best known for the collaborative approach of its members and forming in 2000 as a result of their visual and audio remix project, RMX.


  • Viagrafik, Germany

Via Grafik is both a graphic design studio and an art collective based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Working in the fields of graphic design, motion design, art direction and illustration, we are interested in developing design solutions at a unique visual level. Our aim hereby is to provide the best suitable design for the specific content of each individual project, wheter it be large or small.

The realisation of art projects increases our range of experience from which we richly profit on the creative process for commercial projects.

Our clients come from industries such as music, culture, art, and advertising as well as youth culture oriented brands. We work for clients like Nike, Adidas, Nintendo, MTV, VIVA, Junges  
Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Archtektenkammer Thüringen, Holzer Kobler Architekturen, We the People.



  • SFAUSTINA, California
Sfaustina is a design firm started by Stephen Faustina. Art Director/Designer/Artist Providing clients with creative, impressive design solutions for information and communication problems. www.sfaustina.com Sfaustina is a design firm started by Stephen Faustina providing clients with creative, impressive design solutions for information and communication problems in print, web, illustration and photography. A distinguished international cutting edge Art Director, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist who can work with the clients vision or aid in creating one. He is always exploring and developing his own personal design allowing him to push the envelope in graphic design and life. Philosophy — Sfaustina design’s mission is to create intelligent, custom communication solutions for print, digital media, and any other form the client requests. These solutions are the result of progressive design strategy, research and fun. Sfaustina is open to all forms of design work from corporate identities to street art. 



  • Kinsey Visual, LA
Kinsey started the creative design studio BLK/MRKT after moving to the west coast following his education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Its success has allowed him to pursue his path as an accomplished
designer and fine artist. His work captures the universal essence of the human condition through an energetic portrayal of urban characters.

Working spontaneously, and utilizing a range of mediums including wood, canvas, chipboard, acrylic paints, found materials and pen and ink, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary urban life. His portraits depict beings who are both triumphant in their defiant stance to their surroundings, and tragic, as they transmit a visual display of raw emotion and jangled nerves.