Meet us under the neon lights for night of bowling.

When: July 26 @ 6PM

Where: Red Rock Casino’s Bowling Alley (Red Rock Lanes)

Who: macapan and thefairygodhooker are joining forces to plan an amazing Tumblr meet up. Everyone is invited!

What: Cosplay bowling. You have not bowled until you’ve bowled in cosplay. (Non-cosplayers are also equally as welcome.) Let’s meet, hangout and just have plain-old fun!

Please: Bring $10 to $20 to pay for your ball and shoes. Its $5 per game per player, and we don’t know how many games we’ll want to play. Please help us pay for this bound-to-be-awesome party. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Remember to use #VHTM tag up to the event and especially day of so we know who is coming. Any posts regarding the meetup will be put under this tag so check it frequently for updates or any changes if need be! 

Make sure to RSVP at the meet up page!

(Putting up pictures of the event afterwards will earn you a gold star. Imaginary gold-star, but a star nonetheless.)

More details will come closer to the event! If you have any questions, please message me here.

Please reblog and share this with everyone! We want as many people as possible to come! We just can’t wait to meet all you beautiful people <3

REMEMBER: Cosplayers and Hipsters and everyone in between is welcome to join!