“This whole place smells of shit, and Dagny has smelt much shit in her time.” The giant German grunted, running a calloused hand across her bare stomach, as she looked around the town. “Usually Dagny would care not for it, but this shit smells dead.”

Dirty blood...

The enemy is ignorant to believe the world will not suffer with such filth walking around. Inter-blood marriages will only cause the magical ability to extinct one day.

What fuckers.

“What I should have done was invested in one of those burger van things and simply changed the burger and hot dog symbols to the very same symbols back at The Feeding Room.” Sky said, “I would have made a nice little profit from today and tonight alone." 

Sorry I'm late...

I got a bit hung up trying to find the place… hopefully I’m not the last to arrive…? I guess i’ll just- find a spot on the wall…

Has anyone seen Amelia?

What a refreshing day. I think I’ll get my parasol and spend some time out in the sun. Not literally of course, but I need to stop being such a night owl, and interact with the rest of the town. Perhaps I ought to try those yoga classes down at the gym. For a day of course, my schedule wouldn’t allow it for a constant affair. 

Zoe stood in the park, frowning to herself after giving yet another human directions – probably the fifth in a matter of minutes. “Do we not have town maps any more…?” She muttered more to herself than anything, glancing around as the frown stayed fixed on her face.