I very rarely chirp up about videos one because I am of the Madonna generation and she was considered risqué when she broke into the music scene. Yet I have finally realized that it is time to speak up as a mother but more so as a woman, …

Last year we had Miley Cyrus “Twerking” this year we have Nicki Minaj and “Anaconda” and all of her ass and every part of her scantly clad va jay jay shaking and showing to the world. It is time these women start having respect for themselves and for their gender.

For the sake of getting themselves to be the hottest thing on screen and social media. Nicki says the video is about “Glorifying curvy bodies”. I am sorry there are other ways of showing a woman with curves than “twerking” it all over the screen. Nicki and Miley and all the other women that are of influence with in the music business need to realize that young girls see you as role models like Madonna was,

Madonna did it with class but to me Nicki and Miley have taken it to a level of a soft porn video. That is a strong statement I know but when you put it all out there and young girls start emulating you its time to take responsibility to protect your fellow sister.

When will these young women realize that we have taken steps backwards in how women are treated in this country on many levels. Whether it be how much we earn, the right to choose our birth control, the right to make certain choices are being more and more constricted by men in legislative power and the courts.

We have to take care of each other and realize that it starts with how we present ourselves. We need to be a positive voice in how we as women want to be taken. Young women do not realize that there is more that needs to be done for women in this country,
My feelings are that I am not suggesting women cover up in Birqcas (sorry if that is spelled wrong). But you need to show that you are more than a piece of SEX, but someone that has a great brain, that believes in your singing voice that you don’t have to bend over shake your “coochy” to the world. Show young women that there is more to you than that.