vhastings said:

harry potter!

Favourite Person: Draco<3
Least Favourite Person: Ginny (only in the movies)
Prettiest Person: Hermione
Most Beautiful Person: Fleur Delacour
Person I Want to Marry: always Draco
Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: Ron! oh and Luna!
Favourite Pairing: Romione (Dramione if we’re thinking outside the box)
Unpopular Opinion: not really unpopular, but i hated the way they portrayed Ginny in the films, and James Potter really.. 

vhastings said:

okay so this is really random but I was just bored & looking at random blogs and i came across yours, and your simple plan post and ahfdlgdshkgsd omg i loved them in 5th grade :') i admit i don't listen to them all that much anymore but I do have songs that I listen to from their latest album and I'll always have a special place in my heart for them :') just thought I'd share that, even if you don't care~ aha. ,

omg that’s amaazing :’D
i’m pretty sure that they’re my favorite band.
but i feel the same way though! whenever i hear his voice, i get all excited. hahaha.