obsessedwithprettythings said:

*says in a single breathe* What if Olivia had something on German and not Ahsha , but she sent it to Ahsha , because she believed that Ahsha will comply to protect German , but German found it and got to Olivia before Ahsha did.

Omgeeze, omgeeze, you guys are good. I love all of yalls theories. I think this is an interesting one. We all know know Ahsha is very caring, so it makes sense that Olivia would go through her if she had information on German, because Ahsha would’ve definitely wanted to protect him. Olivia would know that Ahsha could be used a tool to get what she wanted, so this theory works as well…This was a good one!

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anonymous said:

1. Top cutest moment 2. Most romantic/ crying material moment 3. Top sexiest moment Go!!

Hahaha, I feel like I’m being timed. This is like impossible to do considering there’s two seasons worth of moments… 

But, 1. Cutest moment will just automatically have to go to their first conversation. That’s the moment of all moments to me. Some people think Dersha’s connection happened in later episodes but clearly, there’s no denying that those two had an instant connection… from the very beginning.

 2. The most romantic moment is definitely Ahsha declaring that she wanted to be with Derek in episode 2x01. We had an entire first season of Derek pining for Ahsha in literally every episode, so to see her be the one to say "I want you" was everything. She was so convinced in this episode that she wasn’t going to go there with Derek. Like she told Kyle, she was worried about being hurt again and she had doubts. But, the fact that she showed up to his house and took a chance was so romantic to me. He told her in 1x08 that he would either be the best mistake she ever made or he’d change her life. Ahsha knew that Derek could possibly hurt her and things could possibly end badly but in that moment she couldn’t deny how she felt. It was just a real and raw moment and Taylour and McKinley did a great job at making the scene come to life. 

3. Sexiest moment… Obviously…. sex on a car. I’ll say this every time. I’ll never get over this scene. Ever. Only thing that came close to this was seeing Derek naked in a hot-tub. But this scene, was everything. Once again, here’s Ahsha just going for it. She kissed Derek first and it was on from there. I think we’re all used to Derek being the one to take charge, so when Ahsha is the one to break out of her shell, it’s pretty sexy. 

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