wow robb you’re letting roose bolton have control of a lot of things:

  • "five lannisters dead for every one of ours" (accountant)
  • "we’re not in the north" (minister of culture)
  • "i’ll notify my bastard" (homeland security)
  • "we should probably lay some seige lines" (war council)
  • "i’ve got my best hunter out" (babysitting)
  • "word from riverrun…and winterfell" (mailman)
  • "lord bolton will garrison here until we return" (house sitter)

(gee I didn’t notice how often roose is viewed, he’s the one stark bannerman that you see all the time and sometimes he just stands there, by himself, until talisa interrupts)

you should probably keep an eye on him, like your mother, your father, and theon said you should. it’s like he already runs your kingdom.

you should probably keep an eye on him. 

you should probably keep an eye on him.

Herp gathers, and now my derp begins. It shall not derp until my death. I shall derp no wife, derp no lands, derp no children. I shall derp no crowns and derp no glory. I shall herp and derp at my post. I am the herp in the derpness. I am the derper on the walls. I am the herp that derps against the cold, the herp that derps the dawn, the herp that wakes the derpers, the herp that guards the realms of derp. I pledge my herp and derp to the Night's Watch, for this night and all nights to come.