“Burning Fighting Spirit” from Makai Kingdom, PS2.


James Landino bring the house down with an uplifting EDM remix of Shovel Knight’s “High Above The Land (The Flying Machine)” aka Propeller Knight’s theme!   Download

video game and instrumental music that makes you feel like you’re floating amongst the cosmos| listen here

magicant+eight melodies:super smash bros 3ds | online menu:mario kart 8| 1am: animal crossing new leaf| luma: super mario galaxy| lapis’ tower: steven universe| space junk galaxy: super mario galaxy| space k.k: animal crossing new leaf| tube town: kirby’s epic yarn| world 5: super mario galaxy 2| milky way wishes: kirby super star| moonlit battlefield: steven universe| planet- anamanaguchi| comet observatory: super mario galaxy| victory star 2: kirby super star|


“Upper Brinstar” from Super Metroid, SNES.

九月のパンプキン ~ Pumpkin of September
  • 九月のパンプキン ~ Pumpkin of September
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Second boss, Ringo’s theme. According to the Touhou wiki…

Stage 2 Boss: The Orange Eagle Ravi


Species: Moon rabbit
Ability: Capable of becoming stronger by eating dango

Amongst the members of the “Eagle Ravi” Earth investigation corps,
she has the rather leisurely position of information management.
Despite how easy her job is, it’s fairly high-ranking.

Perhaps because she’s been gathering information, she’s taken an interest in the Earth’s surface.
Her only duty is to investigate.
She’s permitted to fight, but it’s said there’s no need for her to actually win.

What an amazing ability.

When I read this song’s name in the screenshots, I was kinda expecting something fairly unmemorable and happy. I… was definitely not expecting something as cool as this. Ringo also surprised me by being more difficult than I expected right off the bat. I wasn’t sure I’d really like her design, but seeing her and Seiran as military partners is kinda rad.

Also, “Eagle Ravi”… I know the Lunarians think of the moon landing like it was a war or an attack… So they named their own expedition force the Eagle so the Eagle would land in reverse? Hmmm.

Yet another amazing track from LoLK.


I like this chill song.


“Buy Something, Will Ya?” from Earthbound, SNES.

兎は舞い降りた ~ The Rabbit Has Landed
  • 兎は舞い降りた ~ The Rabbit Has Landed
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

First boss, Seiran’s theme. According to the touhou wiki translation of the accompanying files;

Stage 1 Boss: The Pale Blue Eagle Ravi


Species: Moon rabbit
Ability: Capable of firing bullets from other dimensions

A literal cannonball.
Among the members of the “Eagle Ravi” Earth investigation corps,
she has the most dangerous job: covert operations.
Despite how dangerous her job is, it doesn’t pay much.
All the moon rabbits can communicate via telepathy,
but she never holds a serious conversation.
It seems she was attacked by surprise as she was making mochi for her comrades while on break.

The name, of course, is a reference to “The Eagle has landed.” Also, mochi confirmed, no blood today kids.

My friend notes the Imperishable Night style brass has returned! Fitting, no?