It’s Code orange! October 1! Time to break out the apple and pumpkin flavored everything!

At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

For those of you down south, I have something special coming up next for your summer.

So- Bucking Bronco. The fourth vigor you encounter in Bioshock Infinite, it’s about as simple to acquire as the first, since you pick it up from a shipping crate sitting in a hallway at Soldier’s Field. Now, granted, you are being shot at by Motorized Patriots at this point, but everyone has time to take a swig of highly-deadly super-power juice. You take a drink and are engulfed by the majesty of…horses? Not quite as fancy as the devil himself vigor, but at least it’s not the ram.  Horses are cool enough.

And like Charge, this is a vigor I neglected to really use in-depth. It might actually be because I just recently got over my disdain of horses, but that’s just me. Bucking Bronco only works on organic enemies like firemen and Zealots, but against those Motorized patriots currently trying to shoot you up like a can of Finkton Tomato Soup, you’re outta luck. Your enemies are tossed and suspended in the air when fired at, so it’s understandable why you can’t use it on a 1-ton rampaging robot.  

So, what flavors do you think of when horses come to mind? Other than glue, stop that. Apples were the correct answer, but I would have accepted carrots for half points. So hardy apple drink it is.


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