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Glen Faught is a Motion Graphics / VFX artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the day he does in house motion design work for Target. By night, he works as a freelancer when he has the opportunity. He started doing Tumblr projects so he could stay fresh and try out things he normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to mess around with. He posts his work on Tumblr as digiwich.


The Incredible Effects of The Thing, Cinefantastique issue detailing the design and implementation of many of The Thing’s effects sequences.

The visuals of both the desolate Antarctic and the ever-morphing alien creatures in The Thing were envisioned long before the movie was shot. Extensive storyboards were drawn by artist Michael Ploog so that all the departments of the production were on the same page in their preparation for the shoot. This is nothing new… but the similarity between the storyboards and the final imagery shot by legendary DP Dean Cundey is staggering. Storyboards are often only a guide, but in this film they were so specifically rendered that they became gospel. The detail and artistry of Ploog’s work up front, allowed the crew to have clear and defined goals on those frigid shooting days in both Alaska and Canada.

To demonstrate this point… I’ve taken two scenes from The Thing and laid down the storyboards next to the shots in the final edit of the film. The video below examines the discovery of the alien spaceship and the transformation of Norris in the shocking scene that still haunts me today. Just like Hitchcock worked with Saul Bass to create the famous shower scene in Psycho, Ploog crafted beautiful storyboards for Carpenter so that the time on set was best utilized to tell the story. Be it pencil to paper or an iPad app filmmakers can share the envisionment of the worlds they are creating by using storyboards. —Vashi Nedomansky, The Thing: Storyboards to Film Comparison

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"My aim with this trailer was to capture the more ‘magical’ side of the show, rather than the dark-and-gritty approach I usually take."

Well done, you anonymous VFX artist, you. Well done.

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New video! Anime Expo was my first convention and it’s been bittersweet watching it grow and change over the past 6 years. This was my first year filming in this style for a cosplay VFX video and it’s crazy how differently I have to approach each convention when it comes to hallway shots, private shoots, etc.