Ash Thorp’s New Prints.

Beginning on Monday, April 20th, 2015 Ash Thorp (VFX designer for Prometheus, Thor, Iron Man III and others) will be releasing 4 new limited edition prints.  By using logarithms related to sacred geometry Ash has created some really beautiful, Sci-fi-esque works of art.  The prints are a timed release and will be available between the 20th of April and May 15th, 2015 on Ash Thorp’s website.  You can read more details over on Evil Tender.

This is an excerpt from Cinefex magazine Issue 141.

Stinger’s eyes.

Stinger has hexagonal honeycombed irises, which catch the light like a cat’s eyes. One of things about Sean Bean is that his eyes are narrow, so his irises were often not completely visible. So the VFX people had to add effects based on his proximity to camera, his movement in frame and how wide-eyed he was. Lana and Andy used the effect to enhance emotional beats.


Breakdown of massive scene of Old Shanghai from “The Crossing”