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hellachu said:


1. Michelle

2. 18

3. the dark, anything happening to my feet, the shark from banjo kazooie

4. me, myself and i

5. already answered

6. children, most men, scat, watersports

7. Jason/Sara/Jess da big three

8. like 80% gay

9. never, if it happened i didnt think it was a date lmfao

10. 5’1”

11. people lol

12. like 11 am or something idk

13. i like purple

14. maybe ;)

15. “five by five”

16. idk the beach at sunset is nice

17. egg

18. No, what’s sarcasm?

19. lana, veyda and georgia lmfao

20. HAIR

21. like 6 i think

22. hazel

23. brown lol

24. comfy

25. all the time

26. there is no 26 :(

27. guilmon from digimon is a cutie

28. uh idk hard to pick

29. it depends on my mooood

30. imagine dragons i guess

31. p good

32. lot of people

33. answered

34. im good with my mom and not so good with my dad, he a dick

35. halloween or christmas

36. nothing


38.  seemed like a fun place

39.  what the hell is an ex

40. sometimes, sometimes i send them out if im up really early or if im going to bed in the middle of a convo

41. ew disgusting *hint it was bigot i last texted so fuck no*

42. probably jess when she forced me to be a little spoon

43. like 20 mins tbh

44. i dont think so lol

45. my bed

46. gravity

47. loud

48. just with my mom

49. no im dead inside

50. lol jason

51. yeah sometimes it makes me feel happier when im sad

52. last night

53.  i dont kiss thats disgusting

54. use to be lol

55. the day just started i am fine

56. idk

57. girls

58. squeezing my boobs to the rhythm of different songs, motorboating myself and being able to punch myself in the face with my own tit

59. use to be afraid of escalators but i conquered that

60. like in front but more like on the sidelines lol

61. i dont keep track

62. video chatting online <3 baeda


64. heck yeah id shove a wand up my asshole

65. heck yeah id braid four leaf clovers into my pubes 

66. idk its night i cant see into the NIGHT

67. uh like probably my history textbook lol

68. sometimes its a lil nice and sometimes its like get the fuck out

69. Shell, Assman, etc.

70. a broken kokoro

71. save my money

72. nah

73. my usa-chan plush

74. idk i like reptiles and wolves, etc.

75. if i said i was sleeping i would be lying

76. Satan

77. Happy lol

78. be a cute girl or st

79. a mold of my ass that has ‘korrasami’ carved into it

80. anus

81. i rly like sixpenceee thats about it


83. idk maybe

84. shit idk like fire base powers??? also if i can turn into a dragon that be p sick

85. idk im p open about most things

86. End of Evangelion lol

87. answered

88.  sadly no

89. nah

90. ye

91. disgusting

92.  :((((

93. no id get wet

94. no im stealing my dads money

95. ye

96. only the bigoted

97. answered

98. i did soccer like for one day in 1st grade or something and i was like its hot i quit

99. answered

100. i took some ibuprofen for period cramps once

101. get enough secondhand smoke

102. ye

103. no i love meat

104. nah

105. i think tbh lol 

106. ye

107. of course

108. yup

109. ye

110. ya

111. i think like once in second grade lol

112. i think it was my baby toe once

113. nah

114. i ditched it to go to an anime convention

115. yeee

116. nooope

117. probably none maybe some idk

118. …no fucking shit

119. only a few words thats it

120. yee

121. no

122.  answered

123. nope

124. nah

125. noooope

126. no

127. yeeee

128. how else will i determine if i want to be their friend?

129. i think 

130. ye, im not too bad at it

131. ye did a student business fair once and the money went to charity 

132. lmao i never even tell a crush how i feel

133. dont think

134. video games, a girlfriend idk, stuff

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Imamyar Hasanov - Ay Ishıgında

"ben bu kadar zulme layık mıyım rüveyda"

”Uslanmaz bir yürek taşıdığıma dair 
Yaygın bir kanaat dolaşır aynalarda 
Oysa rüveyda 
Baştanbaşa ben 
kevser akan, gül kokan bir kalbin filiziyim. ”