Monday was a good day in terms of nail mail. It finally brought me my swap with the lovelly and very much talented Em. I was supposed to post no later than yesterday, but with being so hot is difficult to sleep, and very busy days, at this time of the night I’m more than half asleep already on the keybords. But, since the pictures will speak louder than anything I can say, I’ll let you guys drool with me. 

And Em was so thoughtful! The glitters and rhinestones were a surprise. I’m pretty much galivating over lame glitters [I think that is the proper name for them] if you guys aren’t sure what they are, they are some sort of round glitters that we see a lot on asisatic nail arts, and they are pretty damn hard to find to buy. Any tips? Em saw these gorgeous red wine with some others larger ones and she handpicked them for me! Plus the packaging, it was this gorgeous kind of scrapbooking red gift wraping paper.  I can’t wait to use all of them already.

I was so excited opening all the packages that in the excitment and rush I broke one nail.  but… It will grow again.

THank you once again Em!


This is my Homage to Emily. It was hard to choose only one desing. Initially I thought of doing the mix and match gold and mint set, but hten I refound theses plaid ones and thought why not my the color with the design. Altough my plaid is not very neat [first time trying] I liked very much and will probably do another set with another color scheme when the month is over [so many great nail artists to honor!]

I like very much emily’s designs and she is one of the artist that I look forward to seeing what will come out next. I used as base for the thumb midle finger and pinky, Minty apple from Sinful Colors and 1.5mm silver studs. For the nail art I used Amavel from Ludurana, as Elemento from COlorama, Mint Apple and Mistletoe Kisses from CG.

I hope you guys liked it as mush as I did.