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i went to this class where it was only 3 girls, including me, and about 15 boys. one of the guys was very loud and annoying, and also very inappropriate considering he had a girlfriend. anyway, we were having a break and i was kind of reaching for something when he smacked my ass like super hard. i was of course offended but i felt kind of humiliated so i didn't do or say anything??? i guess i was taken by surprise but i just wish i could have punched his fuckboy face off like it seemed you did

A little context. 

I have, and always will be, angry. That’s just… like my go-to emotional state. It’s not healthy (I know, believe me) and it takes so very little to set me off. 

Add to that years and years of self defense and well…

You get my initial reaction to punch anyone in the face that so much as comes close to touching me in an overly aggressive manner. 

And honestly, you don’t even have to punch anyone. Words cut much deeper. Just remember that. So if you aren’t comfortable physically standing up for yourself, there are a number of ways to make it clear that you don’t want to be touched. 

For instance: 

I was at work and I wearing a khaki pencil skirt. You know the ones that dip down to your knees but hug everything from your hips to your thighs? Yep. One of those. Black heels and a black cardigan completed my outfit. 

Let me repeat: 

I was at work. 

And this guy that worked in security whistled and said, “Damn what I wouldn’t do to wrap those legs around my head.” 

I turned around and politely asked him to repeat himself. He did, surprisingly enough. I have found that if you ask them to repeat themselves, they end up stammering that they didn’t say anything. 

But he did. He said it again, all the while staring at my boobs. 

So I told him, in that same politely sweet and innocent voice, “If you think a balding, middle aged piece of cat shit like yourself would ever be able to put your hands on me, your obviously diseased mind has taken a turn for the worst. I recommend professional help. And if you ever so much as look in my direction again, you can bet that I will tear your testicles off and shove them down your throat. Don’t worry. You won’t choke. They’re too small.” 

Some of my other favorites include: 

“You are an infected pus filled zit on Satan’s asshole.” 

“How are you the sperm that made it through?” 

“If you touch me again, I swear to everything that you hold sacred and holy, that you will never see the light of day again.” 

You can make up your own, obviously. 

I want to also add that you shouldn’t be humiliated. This overused dildo is the one who should be. Don’t let anyone put their hands on you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. And I know, believe me everyone tells me that it’s a lot easier for me to stand up for myself because I’m a loud mouth idiot that refuses to back down even when it’s very clear that I’m about to get my ass handed to me, that that is easier said than done. But don’t let him get away with it. Tell someone. Keep telling people. Keep saying it until someone listens. 

You don’t owe it to anyone to be polite or nice or sweet. That’s not who we are. We don’t have to have their hands on our bodies if we don’t want it. We don’t have to be what they wants us to be. If you’re pissed, then feel it. If you’re humiliated, examine why. Be that annoying three year old asking why until you figure it out. 

Remember, my first instinct is anger. That’s not yours. That’s ok. You’ll probably get in a lot less trouble than I did. But follow your instinct. Is it to cry? Man, then fucking cry. Stand there and sob. Make him feel like the biggest piece of shit to walk this earth. Is it to stay quiet until you can tell someone when you feel safe? That’s fucking smart

You do you, sugar. But never quiet that little voice in your head that tells you what to do.  

Hey Taylor!

I’m Julia, and I know that there’s hundreds of these long posts out there, but hear me out.

I love you so much. For me, these words are really hard to tell people. I’ve had friends stab me in the back, and I’ve been played by a guy that I thought cared about me. “I love you” is something reserved for my very close friends and family. But Taylor, I love you so much. You have done so much for me. When I was younger, I was a very LOUD child. I would sing all day and night, and eventually my parents figured out that the only way to get me to stop singing, is if I could find somebody to listen to. My sister introduced me to your music and I got hooked. To me, you’ve always been like a friend that I can turn to, if I’m upset about something, or just happy and wanting something to dance to with friends. Your music not only connects with me, but it helps me. Your songs give me so much support, it kills me to know that you help me so much and you don’t even know me. I’ve always been criticized for being who I am, and for being so outspoken, and, well, loud! I’ve had girls snicker at me and exclude me from their lunch table. Believe it or not, being excluded and ignored is even worse then being teased. This past year, I’ve made some really good friends who I can actually rely on and I know won’t hurt me. They’ve helped me so much, that I decided to stand up to those girls who hurt me. But not in a way you would think. I’m a bit scared of telling people negative things to their faces, so in my school’s talent show, I sang “Mean” with my best friend playing guitar on stage with me. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to barf, but once I got out there, I fell in love with the stage, and the crowd. Thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for giving me the guts to stand up to the girls who made my life hell. You have given me so much and let me know that no matter how much it sees like I’m alone, I never am.


(Ps. I will be at the 1989 concert in National’s Park on July 14th in

Section 111

Row HH

Seat 1

And I am so excited!!!!)


a black wig
a clam shell bra made from real clams
all the weird yoga clothes my stepmother gets me every year for my bday
a tatty pink prom dress I wore all the time in my riot grrrl phase
four vintage fur coats and one that is NOT vintage but is exactly what Louise Brooks would wear if she went to a costume party as Jadis?
my mom’s old laptop
my old laptop
two pairs of very LOUD Jeremy Scott for Adidas high tops that I love passionately but have worn four times total
a teak tea tray
and all the pens and hair pins I’m going to find once the furniture is out

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but what kind of sounds would he make?

okay okay okay here’s a list

handjobs: heavy breathing, small moans

blowjobs: full on groaning, “fuck, baby”, “yeah like that”

fucking you: VERY loud groaning and moaning, grunting, babbling loudly but slowly??

getting fucked: punched-out groans and grunts, babbling faster, a few keens here and there

eating you out: satisfied moaning

getting eaten out: much softer, keening and little gasps

wonderland - ch.2

Maya really had shitty luck.

How was it, that she got the job of dusting the old books on the high shelves in the store? How was she so blessed with the honor of finding dead bugs up on top of the shelves and layer of dust so thick, she didn’t even know the true color of the piece of wood.

Did anyone even want to read these books? The pages were yellow and the binding was falling apart. Not to mention that she really didn’t want to clean all of them individually because that was disgusting.

Maya took time from slaving away to glare at the librarian, Evelyn Rand. She happened to be sitting on her ass typing away on her computer from the 90’s. Evelyn Rand was a special kind of woman. She dressed in very loud colors and happened to always be wearing a weird looking hat. Evelyn was dressed like a homeless person but according to Riley she was super rich and owned the library among other old treasures.

If she was so rich, she could at least give some of her money to the needy…take Maya for example. And if she had money practically coming in every time she took a breathe, she could at least spare some to Riley instead of making her volunteer and gain nothing but a lung full of dust.

Instead, she just typed away because rich people were always busy and Evelyn was no exception.

Reduced to utter boredom and her running imagination, Maya decided to make dusting the books a game. The first letter of whatever the author’s last name was had to be the first letter of a song that she would proceed to sing after dusting the cover.

The game was short lived when Evelyn called her attention from the bottom of the ladder.

“Maya, could you do me a quick favor?”

More than she’s actually doing by cleaning the damn shelves with absolutely no help?

“Sure.” Maya climbed down carefully and landed happily on the ground, waiting for Evelyn’s instructions. It was then that she heard the sound an animal being tortured. Her ears might’ve been bleeding because the singing was so terrible. It was loud and off key and it belonged to some guy towards the back of the library.

“Now, you can hear what I’ve been hearing the last ten minutes.”

“Are you sure that’s a person?”

Evelyn ignored her comment, “Can you ask that boy to please leave, I have to write back an important e-mail and don’t have time to deal with teen drama.”

Maya raised her hand in salute, “Yes, ma'am.” And she made it to the middle of the library before the thought of turning back struck her. The boy that had been scream-singing was Lucas Friar.

Now, she knew Lucas Friar just like mostly everyone in their grade knew Lucas Friar because he was…Lucas Friar.

He was captain of the baseball team and had the most charming southern accent. He had broad shoulders and toned arms paired with sun kissed skin and green eyes that could make a girl melt.

Except Maya didn’t feel like melting. The bonehead and her used to be friends, she blamed Riley for that. But she blames Lucas for leaving the friendship.

After four or so years, Maya has grown to see him as a blur of a face to pass in the hallway or the leader of an ignorant clan if they shared a class together.

Now, he was a pest that was adding to her workload by screaming whatever lyrics were booming from his headphones. And she really didn’t want to go over there.

Something in her brain led her to do the opposite though. Her feet were leading her to him and soon her index finger was tapping his shoulder.

He stopped singing and turned to her looking more shocked than confused.


“Hart.” He said back in the same indifferent tone.

“You’re making noise. In a library, where you’re supposed to be quiet. So stop.” Her voice of authority came out choppy and awkward, she cringed and hoped he didn’t notice.

Rather than listening and shutting up, Lucas looked around and said, “Why? Am I disturbing everyone?” She followed his eyes and noticed there wasn’t anyone other than the two of them and Evelyn who was towards the front. What an asshole.

“You’re disturbing me and that’s enough.” She snapped at him. His lips curved up into the familiar smirk he would give her and before he could say something that would probably result in her losing Riley’s job, her phone started ringing. It was Riley.

Before she left him, she glared at him and whispered, “Stop making noise.”

Even though Maya was having a weird kind of day with Riley telling her not to come over and having an annoying conversation with Lucas, the most she expected from her phone call with Riley to be was her saying she was PMSing and didn’t know what she was talking about. She at least expected a conversation that was back and forth.

She certainly didn’t expect a shaky voiced Riley giving her an order and then hanging up without letting her say a word.

“Maya, come over.”


The window was open when Maya got there and she climbed through to see Riley staring at something on her bed.

Once she got closer, she could see what it was clearly and her stomach dropped. Riley was staring at a pregnancy test.

“Riley, you didn’t.”

She took a shaky breathe which took Maya’s attention off the white piece of plastic and realized that Riley was crying. It felt like the world was crumbling and her mind was thinking about everything that would have to happen to accommodate the baby, but she was by Riley’s side in seconds.

“I-I need to fix it. Please, help me fix it.”

“Who else did you tell?”

“Just you.” Riley sniffled, “There’s no one else I would want to know.”

“By fix it…do you mean…?”

“Yeah, I just need to find a way to get enough money for that.”

Before Maya’s brain could race through ideas on how to get enough money, a lanky boy with floppy hair popped into her head, “Don’t you think Farkle deserves to know?”

Riley’s head shot up and she glared at Maya, “Of course not. Why would I tell him something like that? He’ll probably tell me to keep it and I can’t. I won’t.”

“Alright. We’ll be okay with just the two of us. With our two scheming brains put together, it’ll be fine.”

Riley dropped her head onto Maya’s shoulder and snuggled into the crook of her neck, stray tears falling onto Maya’s jean jacket, “I sure hope so.”


yay a new yelling baby goat vine!

the signs angry
  • aries:is silent, its a quiet bubbling anger like the quiet before the storm, the angrier they get the quieter and more serious they get
  • taurus:is brief and frustrated, don't stay very mad for long though they dont forget
  • gemini:either one of two ways; explosive and aggressive or silent and passive
  • cancer:frustrated and confrontational, starts out quiet and becomes loud, takes awhile for them to get over it even if they dont show it
  • leo:explosive and loud, very emotional and often will throw things out there on impulse, a short fuse that doesnt last very long
  • virgo:quiet, often keeps things bottled up but hold grudges, gets even on their own terms
  • libra:very silent similar to virgo though once they reach the boiling point they are a sight to behold
  • scorpio:silent, very silent. their words are daggers, often very cold and serious. never forget. never let go. they will remember.
  • sagittarius:tend to be impulsive and like the leo may say things out of anger to spite someone else, though easy to move on
  • capricorn:dont anger easy and feelings arent exactly their comfort zone, though when angry theres no discussion, you have disappointed them and thats final
  • aquarius:prefer being incontrol of their emotions but when pushed to the limit, tend to have 'rebellious' outburts and carry on an 'idc' attitude
  • pisces:very hurtful, tend to have a cool temper though when pushed to the limit they will hurt you just as much as you hurt them, their words are their daggers
Do it for Her (ukulele cover)
  • Do it for Her (ukulele cover)

a ukulele cover (?) of Do it for Her!! i really enjoyed doing this one, it was one heck of a challenge! sorry for the messy audio, i just played the ukulele right over the original song (i didn’t want to subject you to the auditory torture that is my voice, haha) 

i hope it’s ok!

if you find any better versions please let me know, and do not repost!! 

chords under the cut :0

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reasons I am like phil lester:

- loves animals
- attracts crazy people/situations
- says ridiculous things that weren’t even meant to be funny but apparently are
- overly attached to a stuffed animal
- makes up songs for every day tasks
- not nearly as innocent as everyone thinks
- adores dan

reasons I am like dan howell:

- sarcastic as shit
- stays up too late
- randomly very loud
- browsing position
- possessive of my cereal
- awkward
- adores phil