The other day my sister and I sat on her bed, while I was nothing less than a fucking wreck. My sister isn’t usually very loud spoken, but she said something to me that really stood out. She told me that she has so many plans for the future, so she just doesn’t let shit that people say get to her, because it’s really only going to hold her back. She lives by that. That hit me hard. It’s really true that others words only have as much power as we give them. I’m not telling you to be a stone cold bitch and brush everyone off, but just breathe— please. You’ve got a long, happy road to travel, so don’t let them stop you.
—  4/20/15
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Alright you guys. Here is my god awful singing for Mun-Day. You guys requested it for some unknown reason but I am here to please!! Sure I may have rambled and stalled for a bit but who cares!! 4 minutes isn’t that much!! Oh my god that was hard to do… had to download audacity and just.. Just listen and youll understand. I recommend listening to all of it though. Hope the audio quality is good. I didn’t check. Cause in all honesty I didnt want to record 6 times.

william-rephic thealphapine thexeditor miketothecore bobdasin  You guys were the ones who requested it off anon, so enjoy the special shove to listen to it. Your prize is… I havent figured that out yet. Free RP’s?? Story Ideas?? Maybe I’ll talk to Bill about good dreams.. I’m kidding. Sorry. Joke cause most my friends who know I run this blog think I’m Bill… IM OFF TOPIC!! :D ENJOY THE CRAPPY MUSIC!!

((Heres the good version [x]))

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exo reaction when they first meet Yixing's girlfriend but she ends up being very loud and almost complete opposite of him? thanks <33

Hello dear, I imagined his complete opposite girlfriend as someone like Baekhyun. I hope it is not problem.  

Lay : Guys, meet my sweet girlfriend !

Xiumin : Uhm.. well as long as you two are happy. * grins * Hello Lay’s girlfriend.

Luhan : Well I always knew Yixing likes girls like you. Hi sister- in  - law.

Kris : Look at that happy couple. My son has grown up .

Suho : Being a mother to kids is not something new for me.. but I was not ready for another Baekhyun.

Baekhyun : I always knew he loves me. So he found someone like me. Come here hyung , give me a hug ! * runs to Yixing *

Chen : No, one Baekhyun is enough for us.

Chanyeol : Stay right there, Byun Baekhyun’s twin. Is it new  troll ? * can’t believe what he sees *

D.O : Finally some calm human being. * when she acts opposite of Lay * Uhmm… what was I saying?

Tao : Wait .. who is dating with who ?

Kai : Hello there sister-in-law. * acts friendly *

Sehun : Wait.. you mean girlfriend as friend or girlfriend as.. * looks at couple *

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Imagine Bill announces to everyone that since he got a human body, he's gonna get a human job, and he gets hired. He doesn't tell anyone where he's working (and its not the Mystery Shack cause Grunkle Stan doesn't trust him yet). Then one day Dipper goes to Chili's and guess who he finds working there. (I'm sorry, I discovered that Chili's meme and Chili's AUs keep coming up in my head)

PFFFFTTTT… ohgodimgonnadie.

Dipper just stares at him before he groans and facepalms and then starts going there every single day for lunch and Bill laughs whenever he sees him and he prepares a usual and Bill says the greeting in a very loud voice so the entire restaurant looks at them. Bill would then tackle anyone and everyone who tries to wait his Pine tree.

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There are lots of different kinds of music! There's pop, rock, rap, country, classical, and a whole lot more! My favorite is classical, and my least favorite is country. Country music is bad music, but some people like it.

appending learning [music]!

previous ANS + [lots of different kinds of music] [pop] [rock] [country] [classical] [a whole lot more!] =

[music] = [lots of {different} types {kinds}] [loud] [very quiet] [people listen] [express emotions] [drown everything out] [like the sound of it] [pop] [rock] [country] [classical] [a whole lot more!]

[country] = [kinds of music] [bad]

ahhh! wow!thanks for the lesson! :D

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19- asleep

Sebastian was busy trimming the white roses when he came across a very loud and asleep grim reaper. It wasn’t as if Grell was a surprise, he was constantly coming around to beg Sebastian for his ‘special day’, whatever that meant. 

Upon viewing his sleeping figure, Sebastian was ultimately tempted to smash his face in again, however blood was so hard to clean, and he simply didn’t have that sort of time. 

He sighed and whacked the sorry excuse for a  grim reaper rather firmly on the back of his head. He growled and pulled the red haird beast close to his face so he could yell at him more efficiently. “Honestly Grell if you ever want William to give you back you death scythe for any extended amount of time you should get your job done” he growled. 

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Kindergarten AU (Kainora)

  • Jinora’s pretty much the teacher’s pet, Kai’s one of the very loud hyperactive kiddos
  • during recess, Jinora likes to play on the swings or the big climbing structure [nicknamed The Cheese] [or one of those geodomes, I can’t find a picture to the Cheese, but it was hella fun] and Kai likes to run around with his friends, though they do sometimes play together.
  • Jinora beats all the boys at races, climbing, and monkey bars. Kai pouts whenever he loses.
  • Kai’s desk gets placed against the back wall because he was misbehaving, trying to cut Jinora’s hair with scissors. He proceeds to try and cut his own hair while back there. [this is based off a real kid in my kindergarten class, not even kidding]
  • while waiting for Tenzin [or Pema or family friend of the day] to pick her up, Jinora waits with Kai in his bus line.

Was just walking my dog after work (it’s about 10:30pm here) and I started hearing a sizzling noise. I was wandering, trying to figure out what it might be, when there was a very loud explosion. I didn’t see any fire or anything like that, but I ran back inside with my dog and then we heard a second, even louder one, and a car alarm blared immediately after. Fucking scared OUT OF MY MIND.

Of course right as I’m typing this I hear firecracker-type noises so some douche canoe assholes must have decided that MONDAY FUCKING NIGHT is a great time to do this. WTF.

Here’s a batch of boys/non binary masculine cuties!

1. Pigeon troll. Loves coffee. Literally always has coffee. Coffee flavored candies, coffee creamer, coffee ice cream. They’re always very loud and passionate. Loves broadway musicals and hates slasher films. Thinks the color pink is tacky.

2. Old weathered Labrador troll. Doesn’t have time for people and lives his life as isolated as possible. Looks like a lumberjack but is actually a skilled battle-ax wielder and can’t cut wood at all with a normal ax. Likes bubble baths and a good whiskey before bed. Allergic to bees.

3. Nerdy jackalope troll. Works as an accountant for a law firm. Secretly wants to be a lawyer but is much too shy and not assertive enough. Hates the smell/taste of bubble gum. Can speak 7 languages. Has asthma.

4. Coyote troll. Very skittish and excitable, tends to screech/yell/cackle a lot. Jumps from emotion to emotion in the blink of an eye. Digs at his skin too much when he’s nervous. Slave/Ex-Slave/Run-away slave. Scared of subjugs.

5. Pale, lazy sloth troll. Limeblood but doesn’t care, goes to work as an olive blood. Is a character designer for a handful of really, really bad TV studios that put on low-budget shows. He keeps most of the merch they don’t sell. Definitely a sleep-walker. A lot of people think he’s dumb because of how slow and calm he is, but he’s really a genius. Loves to eat dry ramen.

6. Mutated aquakinetic koi-fish troll. Angry and sarcastic. His horns are dyed. Has a HUGE mutated tail, calls himself a mermaid despite the fact that he isn’t. Occasionally dresses up as a violet blood to hide his mutation. Probably has nothing but Green Day on his iPod. Secretly dances hip-hop.

PLEASE send just 1 message, Idk if I’ll be on the rest of tonight so if you get a troll I’ll send an ask to you, and I’ll officiate it and give you the image in the morning. 1 troll per person per batch, ask for them via my inbox. You can change w/e just credit me with the original design.

ALSO THESE TWO ARE STILL UP FOR GRABS! Just send me Porcupine4 or Mockingbird6 if you wants one of these:

I will NOT be making more trolls until ALL OF THESE ARE ADOPTED!

I just want to let you all know that when sis writes “/cackles” or “/laughs” or any sort of enthusiastic “lmao” in the tags

she is

she is literally laughing out loud. very loud. it’s a booming, powerful laugh striking fear in the hearts of her enemies and giving strength to the soul of her allies

Some things don’t change

Oh my god, I got a PERFECT commission from linneart, this drawing actually is about how no matter how many AU’s pass by, there will always be shadows of canon. This perfectly describes that feeling whenever a fic refers to canon and I’m like “Yes! That’s so clever and the creative parallels are awesome!” and I fall a little in love with it. 

Thank you so much, linnea!


yay a new yelling baby goat vine!