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Do you think levi would be a loud or quiet moaner durring sex? And same with erwin?

I think Levi is a pretty reserved person in general, so he tries to stay quiet when it comes to sex. Not only is he paranoid about his subordinates accidentally hearing him through the walls, he also feels a bit embarrassed when he moans and makes pleasured faces, no matter how much Erwin says he enjoys them. However, it’s pretty hard to stay quiet when the Commander is fucking you, so Levi ends up getting really loud really fast. Once he’s into it, he’s not ashamed to moan loudly and beg and scream Erwin’s name and pant when Erwin does something he likes. Erwin loves how rowdy and passionate Levi gets, since it’s such a big distinction from the normally stoic Captain. Erwin on the other hand has learned to keep his emotions in check pretty well, so he doesn’t get very loud. That doesn’t mean he’s not panting or groaning Levi’s name into his ear.

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Hi love! So I've kinda just joined the fandom after the whole Zayn leaving debacle, which is really odd I know, but I guess i finally started paying attention to 1D and now im pretty invested. I really love your posts & I'm honestly in awe of how much people dissect and analyze; there's always so much more to the story. Anyways, I ship basically all the ships, from Zarry to Zouis to Ziam to Lilo to Lirry to Narry...u get the idea but I've had a hard time understanding Larry or Larrie whatever...

(same anon) So I was wondering, what is the difference between a Larry shipper and a Larrie one? Has Louis and Harry’s relationship changed over the years because of the very loud ship rumors from the fandom? I’ve seen old stuff and new stuff; they don’t seem as close anymore. Are the boys (well Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry) really gay, or fandom perception? Do the majority of the fandom believe Sophiam, Zerrie, Elounor ect. are truly fake? Because they seem very stunted and staged. (same anon, sorry so many questions!) Do you really believe Zayn will come back to 1D? Did Zayn ever mention his religion in public btw? Like has he said I’m a muslim before? Was Liam really bullied all through his school years? Also, is there anything else I should be aware of as I fall deeper into this fandom? I’m like drowning because there’s so much to know, so much sadness to deal with, all the pr stunts and M!m stuff and idk how to grasp it all? lol thanks so much for listening!

Hi Anonymous!

No problem, babe.  Wow, this reminds me of when I fell into the fandom.  I was overwhelmed too, and as I lurked the Tumblrs I even had a piece of paper with little notes, like all the ship names and whose beards were who’s and what the boys’ names were, because all the information confused me.  More after the jump.

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wooo so i’ve been out all day at this event my school is hosting today where basically a bunch of student bands and musical groups get to perform around campus all day

it was lots of fun, but now i’m tired and i’ve been feeling kind of disoriented/out of it for the past few hours :^(

insanity | saphir & meredith

I like my dress. It is very red. Red like roses. Red like blood. Red is my favorite color. I wore it at the reaping, and in private training, and at my best performances. Good things happen whenever I wear red. Red is my lucky color. It’s a very nice color.

The party is very loud and crowded. There are lots of people dancing. The people from the Capitol look very weird, like they all belong in the circus. Everyone’s skin is pink. I think that it might be Agnes’s favorite color. She’s the birthday girl. 

I never got to have a birthday party like this one. There’s so many gifts and so many sweets. I really do love desserts. I push through the crowd of dancing creatures and arrive at the dessert table. It’s covered in a pink silk tablecloth. The silk is so smooth. I reach out for a small pink cake with little pink roses on it. I bite into it. It is very sweet. There must be lots of sugar in it. I smile.

I reach for another dessert and notice a girl next to me. “Do you like desserts as well,” I inquire quietly. I usually don’t initiate conversation, but I am very excited about all of these sweets.

Laura Marling was absolutely fabulous. She played mostly stuff from Once I Was An Eagle actually (incl. the opening medley), and songs from all albums except AICS. She changed the arrangement of a few songs too! She was generally so much more upbeat and rocky! The crowd was very loud and I think Laura was a bit taken aback, but she handled it with total grace. I was thinking tonight that her stuff is so diverse and she pulls it all off perfectly, switching from one album to the next.
Apart from tiny venue on the Highland tour, this has been my fave time seeing her. What a goddess.

So we have no idea where this baby duck came from I walked into the house and she was just sitting there so I put her in a box next to a heater in the living room and I hear peeping very loud I look around and she went through the living room down the hallway into my room and was just waiting on the floor for me to pick her up I think she thinks I’m her mom the best part is she insist I hold her while she sleeps. THE SONG GOES SO WELL WHEN I gave her a kiss and this is the results (she loves me! 🐥)

ok i just now saw a ton of posts in my tag sorry guys tumblr is being a huge asswhole so if i dont see ur post ASS just message me or shout very loud in my direction

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Rose, this may seem a bit, out of place, but I was wondering if you had any tips for, anger issues.

Hah, you might’ve seen my explosion a while back where I, um. Punched a stranger.

However, this is a problem I do experience, so I do have some tips.

First off, take a step back. Is getting angry really worth it?

Second, playing very loud music can help distract you.

Third, exercising is a wonderful way to dispel the energy in a more constructive fashion.

Last, try ranting on a word document. This will also allow you to release the energy in a less negative way.

I hope this helps you.

Silent Chapter 4

link to the last chapter-

[ A/N: i had to link the last chapter from my quotev account because i couldn’t find the tumblr link. i will from now only be continuing this story from tumblr, so check here to see if i have updated, not quotev. i’m also making this chapter very long since i haven’t updated in a month!]

I awoke to a smell of fresh pancakes. I glanced around my bunk to check where my phone was located. I pressed the home button, the time “9:00 am” appearing on the screen.

I groaned, removing all of the fluffy blankets piled on top of one another. I ruffled my very messy bed head, and climbed out of my secluded bunk. As I climbed out, I heard Calum’s very loud snores, causing me to giggle like a little school girl.

I walked into the kitchen of the tour bus, seeing Violet in her brother’s Led Zeppelin shirt and her flannel pajama pants. She looked so damn cute.

She was scrunching her eyebrows, trying to lift the pancake up to place it on the plate without dropping it.
“Morning Vi.” I said rather loudly, startling her.

She jumped at least 5 feet up in the air, dropping the pancake and spatula on the floor, causing me to giggle. She flipped me off as she struggled to get up.

“Sorry not sorry.” I said between laughs, taking her small hand and helping her up. Violet rolled her eyes, getting a paper towel and some clorox cleaner to clean the pancake residue off the floor.

Ashton soon came into the kitchen, the smell of pancakes luring him in. He walked in with nothing but a towel that he was barely holding around his waist, causing Violet to cringe.

“I smelled pancakes.” He chirped, getting out maple syrup and butter from the fridge.

Violet nodded her head, throwing away the paper towel she used to clean up with. She rinsed the the spatula off with warm water from the sink, and soon got back to cooking.

“Thanks for cooking sis!” We heard Ashton say from his bunk, with food stuffed in his face. Dear God I hope that boy had clothes on by now.
Violet smiled warmly, which caused me to smile. What could I say? Her smile was definitely contagious.

I sat on the couch in the living area of the bus, flipping through tv channels. American Horror Story came on, which was Violet’s favorite show. It was the Halloween episode from season 1.

Violet soon got finished with cooking, and she came to join me.
She didn’t make any pancakes for herself, which made me sad. She cared about everyone else but herself. She put other’s needs before her’s.

“Here.” I said, handing her my plate. She nodded her head no, declining.
“C'mon.” I grumbled, taking my fork and putting a piece of pancake on it.
“Here come’s the airplane.” I said. Damn, I sounded like such a dad.
She just smiled as I made a plane noise and put the fork into her mouth.

Soon a wild Luke Hemmings appeared.
“Hey loser.” I said, jokingly of course. He just rolled his eyes, chuckling softly.
“Sound check’s at 5, and we go on at 6.” He said, letting us know to be ready at at least 4:30.

“Okie Dokie.” I said. Violet snuggled her head into my neck, in a friendly way probably. Her face was warm as she closed her eyes.

She was drifting off, I could tell as her breathing got steadier. Soon Calum walked into the living area, in nothing but boxers, which doesn’t surprise me to say the least. He had a plate of pancakes in his hand.

“Do you even own a pair of pants?” I said very softly, trying hard not to wake Violet.

Calum laughed. “Do you even own a pair of balls so you can ask Violet out?” He retorted, Luke coming up behind him to give him a high-five. They both know I like her. I told them right after Ashton first introduced us to her.

“Well played Hood.” I said, rolling my eyes. “But keep quiet, I don’t want to wake the sleeping beauty.”

I looked down at her, her brown locks sprawled out on top of my torso. She was now laying on top off me, fast asleep.

“Well you better wake the sleeping beauty before Ash sees.” Luke said. If Ash saw me right now, he’d throw a god damn fit. As i’ve said before, he’s always been protective of Violet. I couldn’t blame him.

We heard foot steps coming from the back of the bus.
“ASH ALERT!” They both whispered yelled.

Within a matter of seconds, I managed to quickly pick up Violet and set her on the couch. Ash walked in fully dressed (thank god). As he walked in, I managed to pull off that I was going for seconds on the pancakes.

Ashton saw that Violet was asleep. “C'mon Vi.” He said, shaking her softly awake. “We have a big day ahead of us, no time for sleep.”


The last thing I remember since I closed my eyes was Michael’s absolutely beautiful green eyes. I could stare into them for hours, days, months, even years.

Anyways, after Ashton forced me to get up, I decided to take a shower and just go ahead and get ready. I didn’t feel like straightening my hair today, so I left my curls untamed.

After I was done doing my makeup routine and getting dressed, I decided I would go on a quick walk to explore the venue. I wasn’t going to ask Ash (and by ask, i mean write it down on the white board), for permission, because I knew he would say no, so i quietly left the bus.

I took the whiteboard with me, just incase I had to “talk” to someone. As I was exploring, I noticed that there was already fans in arena. I loved the 5sos Fam so much. Without them they wouldn’t have made my brother’s and his bandmate’s dreams come true.

As I was exploring the backstage area, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to see Harry Styles.

“Hello!” He said in a very adorable British accent. “You must be Violet. I’m Harry.” He shook my hand. He looked down at my white board, smiling. One of the boys must’ve explained to him how I was mute, thank God.

“Nice to meet you!” I wrote down with the expo marker. He chuckled softly. “So you like exploring the venues?” He asked, smiling. I nodded my head yes.

“Violet Elizabeth Irwin!” I heard a very familiar voice scold. I turned around to see Ashton walking towards me.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna go for a walk? You had me worried sick.” He said, giving me a bear hug.

“Oh, hey Harry! You’re sound check is about to go on.” Ashton said, waving at him. Harry sighed. “Ok. I’ll see you in a little while Violet. He said, waving good bye as he headed on stage to do his soundcheck.


yay a new yelling baby goat vine!

Who is JackSepticEye?

Well, let me tell you.

Let me start by saying that he is an Irish YouTuber, and he is very LOUD!

He’s got amazing dance moves!

Yes, he can be very silly,

And sometimes even quite adorable!

He’s someone I can definitely consider a best friend.

He’s so grateful for everything that we’ve done for him,

He never takes any of the credit for himself,

And he really, truly cares about every single one of us.

Most importantly, though, he will always be there for you no matter what.