When Taron got scared by film equipment

So as you know we always had to wait outside inbetween takes so before one scene taron was standing outside talking to us and simultaneously preparing for his role. As we were all standing next to this huge reflector (that was like the size of the whole wall) when all of a sudden one guy who was supposed to hold on to his part of the reflector accidentally let go of it so there was just a very loud noise but taron was standing right in front of it so he literally jumped whilst clutching his chest looking like he had just seen his life flash before his eyes


I’m posting some back drafted selfies for no shame day. I’m autistic, bipolar, and have intermittent explosive disorder. I display scary symptoms a lot. recently, I’ve been suspended from school for six months. as someone who struggles to yield, whose very loud and opinionated, whose had her opinions and feelings reduced to symptoms and being a case study on multiple occasions, I want to remind myself I am not the sum of my disability. that my experiences and my mind is not just someone’s excitement. and for no one second, this life is mine to live and i will never be ashamed of who I am. mental disability will always been a struggle, but reminding myself that it’s not the sum of my identity is important too. i will lose friends. i will lose jobs and school will always be there to return to. no matter what. I’ll dust myself off and move forward with #noshame

Quick scribble for my comic project, this is Marion, Katja’s older sister. I tried to make her a strong motherly character. She’s very loud and brash, but also lovingly firm, strong, and determined. She’s way taller than Katja, and uhh.. pretty gosh darn cute too <: dayumn girl! Anyhow she’s pretty much been the only “mother” for Katja since their parents never stuck around.. O: oh well i can write tons but I’ll rather just show it whenever I finally get around to gather my comic into something that’s actually readable ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but thats work nvm screw it

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i’ve lived in a very loud neighborhood for 5 years and without fail, whenever someone outside is listening to exceptionally loud music, that music has always been interrupted by:

- their ringtone going off
- their directions app saying “You have arrived at your destination” or to prepare to turn on a nearby street
- an advertisement on the radio for sales at a local grocery store

all blasting as loudly and with as much bass as the music.

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Andddd, cue a very loud bassy noise coming from Iori's room. Houka hooked him up with some hella loud speakers, so yeah, he's blasting some JT. He kicks open his door before looking over to his bewildered sister. "Got time, but I don't mind, just wanna rock you girl!" He sings in tandem with the music, making his way over to the girl. "I'll have whatever you have. Come on, just give it a whirl."

The music had been so loud. And all she wanted was for it to stop. She just wanted to watch her Captain America movie. That’s it. But no. Iori had to be blasting Justin Timberlake. She liked JT. But she wasn’t in the mood. Reaching right around, she grabbed his underwear and pulled. “TURN IT DOWN!”

It’s 5am and the birds outside of my window have decided to have a very loud round table discussion on the fucking arrival of Spring.

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I'll be back -heads to the woods as you hear a very loud scream- FALCON PUNCH! -the bear blasted away- I'm back

Nice work? But you forgot the bear cub *watches as the bear cub returns to its mother*…anyways, lets get them back to camp, make haste.

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I think I'm an introvert I know it's not this big thing to realize, but I'd still like to figure it out. I'm very talkative & loud around people. but Im so tired after a while and my default is being alone. i just want to feel less like I'm broken or incapable because I can't be around people very often. I'm seeing a friend tomorrow and I'm already nervous and feeling like I want to cancel just because I know I'll be around her for a while. is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?

Allow yourself plenty of recharge time where you can do what you want before you engage in heavy social interaction.

Also sitting your friend down and explaining exactly how an introvert feels wouldn’t hurt, as they’d know why for instance you cannot handle full on social situations all the time.

Overall, communicating your introvert mindset to those you care about is the best tool to being able to operate in an extroverted world. Recharge time is also essential - it could even be one’s reward for satisfying extroverts?

Hope that helped,

Folks, we have a problem.

My back. In the process of trying to keep B__ from hurting himself I appear to have hurt myself. My thighs and left arm hurt from sustaining his force and my back is killing me. Fortunately my quads and biceps are strong.

I probably should have filled out a report. But I didn’t. Couple of Aleve and a beer.

He’s a tiny little guy, but when he’s enraged it is difficult. When he’s really mad, he just shrieks if you talk to him. “Shut up shut up shut up!” in his tiny but very loud voice (does make me wonder what he hears at home). Everyone is always surprised because 99.9% of the time he’s so sweet and huggable.  But when he’s mad - watch for shoes flying at your face.  He actually slapped at me and then ran away for a moment, as if I would hit him back (also worries me).  He’s still small enough that I can pick up his whole body if I need to.  He doesn’t like it, but I’ll do it if that’s the only way to get him someplace safe. 

my cat — he, uh, he sometimes runs around the house and he sounds like a heard of cows. and he’s only one cat.

looks like he is very loud.

I’m sitting in a hallway behind racket ball rooms and the balls are like hitting the wall in front of me hard and it’s kind of a metaphor for my life. It’s very loud and is disturbing me but I’m not hurt or dead yet

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* waits for Domi to leave before setting up and elaborate trap so that when he returns and walks into his tent a shit ton of bells will start jingling loud and very annoyingly*

Domitius let out a string of loud curses as his tent suddenly transformed into a choir of tolling bells. With his hands over his ears he rampaged throughout the space, tearing down bell after bell as all around him the ringing kept going.

By the time everything had stopped his eye had started to twitch with the early symptoms of a migraine. The servant with the misfortune of entering at that time received a barraged of bells thrown of him. “Oh now you’re checking are you? Not before when there was a commotion stirring?! Get out of my sight. You’re useless!” The Decanus cursed after him. Whoever did this was going to pay. That’s for sure.


yay a new yelling baby goat vine!

Some things don’t change

Oh my god, I got a PERFECT commission from linneart, this drawing actually is about how no matter how many AU’s pass by, there will always be shadows of canon. This perfectly describes that feeling whenever a fic refers to canon and I’m like “Yes! That’s so clever and the creative parallels are awesome!” and I fall a little in love with it. 

Thank you so much, linnea!