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Do you have any personal experience/thoughts/opinions about Ed Sheeran being a Larry shipper?

I think Ed probably knows about both Larry and Ziam.  Based on comments he’s made in concert and the way he dances around questions a bit, plus the fact I think he may have lied about Harry’s whereabouts to cover for Harry and Louis, I think he knows.  He and Harry seemed to hang out quite a bit and be genuinely fond of each other.  They don’t so much anymore, but I don’t think there’s any hard feelings.  They probably just got busy.  

When I look at 18, I can only see Ziam.  It doesn’t fit Larry very well, but it fits Ziam’s story.  Since Ed said he wrote the song with 1D in mind, I think it very likely is about Ziam, meaning he has to know.  Since Ed also stunted with Niall, I think he’s just very deep into the secrets of the 1D camp, at least the ones that already existed a year or two ago.  I’m on the fence about whether he knows about the current stunt or about whether he has any suspicions despite not being actually told.  There’s not enough to go on to tell.

a crossroads

set sometime not long after part 2 of 5 time nallie attended a party (fascinatingly, this fic here also occurs at a party)

there was a line they knew not to cross, and there was the night they decided, together, to ignore it.

(bear with me, this starts off with lots of nayar-wayne family dynamics first. specific references to both washington d.c. and the umd campus, lmfao, which is where the party is held due to glencocoabutter once seeing Real Life Nallie lmfao)(also rosie i’m imagining the hotel they’re staying @ is that hotel we walked into when u were here lmfao)

           “When do you think we’ll be back?”

            Tallie glanced up from the cards in her hand, to where her brother sat by the window of the small jet, the backs of his fingers resting against the insulated glass. “Why?” she teased. “You got a date?”

            “No,” answered Tom, without looking at her. He was fifteen, and although very popular with girls at school he was more of a loner, spending much of his time at the computer their father had helped install in the basement of their home – a small-scale replica of the Batcomputer in the Cave.

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Don’t Like Fitspo

I’m feeling ambivalent about the whole fitspo (Fitness Inspiration) nonsense.

On the one hand, I suppose if I’ve going to be training for physical events, I really am, no kidding, an athlete.  I really do think a lot of people would benefit from having some sort of physical ability benchmark and putting some energy into maintaining it.

On the other, I live in a culture that doesn’t treat people who fail to fit norms very well.  I mean, the attitude towards the morality of health is really getting to Erewhonian* levels of absurdity. (News flash:  While you can influence your health a little, quite a bit really isn’t under your control and it’s not a matter of morality)

It’s getting uncomfortable in the gym.   They’re seeing me as “one of us” now.   Even though I am fat, I’m there every morning like they are.  So, I get to hear the non-exerciser contempt.  Possibly it’s fat contempt as well, but they don’t say that to my face.   I’m perfectly physically capable of knocking the shit out of most of them, and its patently obvious.  They’re not dumb.

But there is this level of smug because they’re in the gym at five thirty every morning.  I don’t like it. I’m there at that time because I’m a morning person, I like a swim to get me going and I want to work out and am more consistent in doing so when I do it first thing rolling out of bed before my brain engages.   I consider sleeping in, have a frappachino for breakfast, then doing the day with no workout at all a completely valid choice.   When I was on a Big Life-Eating Professional Project, I did just that. (Well, I was chugging espresso, but you get the point)

Now, I’m more comfortable and do my day better physically stronger, so that’s what I do.  My benchmark is whether or not walking two miles gets me tired, if I can easily change a 5 gallon water bottle in a cooler, or can lift a suitcase over my head onto the train luggage rack. But honestly?  15 minutes of weight training every weekday and a few nice walks on the Rail Trail would give me about what I’d need there.     I’m training more like an hour a day on weekdays and longer swims on the weekend.   This is hobby levels of activity, ‘kay? I’m having fun with it and all that smack, but it’s not making me somehow a “good fatty” who deserves better treatment than non-exercising people of the same (or bigger) size!

And that’s what gets to me. If you’re working out at five thirty every morning, going for a run a couple of evenings a week, and going on long hikes or triathlons on the weekends, it’s totally not about health and fitness any more.   It’s a damn hobby.  It’s no more moral than knitting, for God’s sake.

* Erewhon, by Samuel Butler is a satire on Victorian society in which a culture is posited where physical illness is considered immoral and are treated harshly, but mental illness and other related problems are given kindly sympathy.


So I attended the screening of Marvel’s Agent Carter at the Gloria Palast, which is a super fancy cinema that Michiru would truly approve of, chandeliers and footstools and all. I was so happy Actual Real Life Haruka Tenoh could join (and took the first picture) and we both watched in awe as Hayley Atwell entered the stage and was being a spirit animal basically.

If you’re German, please check out the review of the screening, including shaming the host who thought one fan was referring to two possible male love interests instead of one male and one female: read!

I reviewed the first episode for MyFanbase as well, so please stay tuned.

Then the next day I was off to meet Hayley right after lunch at the Bayerischer Hof, a location that’s also very fitting. As I waited for her to get ready, the great dude from SyFy (which was hosting the whole festivities because that’s where the show will be on) gave me an autograph of hers! I would have never asked for one - mostly because signatures don’t really mean anything to me, but foremost because I need to be a ~professional and can’t ask for selfies and stuff, but he saved it for me especially :)

And Hayley really is such a sweetheart! She showed me two videos on her phone as well as pictures on her Instagram and also told me my dress was “great and lovely” (I posted the look on the weekend). It was really inspiring talking to her because she’s so funny and smart and very strong.

Please check out the English version of the interview: read!

Please check out the German version of the interview: read!

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weight talk tw

I have no sense of what my body is or what kind of space it takes up anymore but I do know that suddenly clothes that fit me very recently now do not fit me anymore? what the fuck is a body and this is the worst feeling,? whatever gonna go on pretending jeggings are pants bc that’s all that fits rn

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Ngl i dont have sufficient funds for gym rn&bcos of all my exams.. Do u know any very helpful exercises i could do? Wna have a very fit body for summer and right now i got a few rolls🌚

jogging, squats, lunges, sit ups, planks, russian twists (my fav) and crunches

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What`s it like becoming Tumblr famous?

I know what I’ve done is a good thing for people who’ve been bullied, but I feel guilty I’m getting all this attention xD I don’t really consider myself famous but if I can spread positivity through my passion then its all good.  My Goal in life is to be the best I can be. When I workout and train and push myself to limits and beyond and with each new step I feel like I’ve greatly ascended past what I thought was possible. When I was a chubby anime fanboy getting beaten up daily I felt helpless

and had no outlet to make myself better but with Fitness a whole new world has opened to me. 

Now there are levels I can never dream to attain since they require Drugs and I wanted to see how far I can go naturally and thats what its about, Becoming the best me possible

I don’t workout for people to admire me 

I workout because I genuinely enjoy the affects it has on me. 

And if I can find a way to share and pass my enthusiasm to train onto others and make their lives better then I know it will all be worth it. It be nice to have a ton of people respect me for what I do but at the end of the day I do it because its fun. Thats a main reason I made my Youtube channel Its fun and I enjoy making people laugh and feel better about themselves haha

Also I like to eat a lot