So that video of a woman walking in NYC for 10 hours and getting harassed has gone viral and the actress who took part in it is now getting rape threats?

How typical. And the ones who aren’t threatening her are yelling NOT ALL MEN!111!

Here’s a tip, men: Instead of crying foul and acting like entitled brats try to show some semblance of maturity and try to see WHY this is happening. But I suppose being faced with what women have to go through on a daily basis is a little too much.

The Arranged Marriage [narcolepticfirefist]

A continuation from this.

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The solution to the constant warring between Lord Drake of the Diez House, a younger lord compared to most with immense wealth and Lord Dragon of the Monkey House, an older lord who was not well respected despite his status was simple (at least in Lord Garp’s mind): he would arrange for his eldest grandson to wed him - even eventually producing him a child through medical means which were proving to become more and more likely as time passed. Drake was … unsure …  of whether this would actually stop the war, but he had accepted to see this “grandson” after careful consideration, so turning it down could cause even more blood to spill.

The fiery haired ginger met Lord Garp outside of his home, indulging in pleasantries as well as talk of the weather, of how Drake’s trip had been and the like while Drake responded and asked him the same. It was only fair.

Unlike Ace, Drake dressed himself as what was befitting of his title. He was a Lord born into power and ewelath and dressed like one. To dress any other way would raise questions and seeing as he was not a man who liked to speak very often, he simply dressed correctly and no one asked him a thing.

His current outfit - he had been dressed by a young maid this morning as his usual, older maid was currently recovering from sickness - consisted of a long, satiny blue coat (matching his eyes) with a soft cream inside that kept his body heat from escaping rather well, a soft cream scarf and gloves, cream pants that fitted well though were a bit thick as consideration for the weather, and brown thigh-high boots that were well taken care of. Around his waist was a belt that secured his saber to his left hip.

His accessory were a bit more simple: a golden pocket watch which sat in his breast-pocket and a hanging piece of sapphire in his left ear that had been shaped like a diamond.

His expression was one of a perpetual frown despite being polite as one gloved hand raised to brush free a bit of his wavy hair which had been caught in the back of the scarf’s folds for a while now. His gaze settled onto “Ace” because of the exchange the man had with Lord Garp and stayed there as he stared quietly, assessing him.

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I know you don't like to think about video games, so I'd just thought I'd let you know that the answer to every question you get about them is going to be "yes", anyway.

It’s so weird that that bullshit would be a haven for juvenile misogynist assholes, very, very surprising.

#ThrowbackThursday #EvaGreen singing along with her driver Sergio.

According to Sergio, Eva is equally beautiful
in person, very kind, and very sweet. She surprised him by asking him to sing one song after another. Sergio sang Granada and Eva loved it. In the end, Eva hugged him and thanked him. Sergio said that he could not be more charmed and that he’ll definitely watch #PennyDreadful!

I really, really want to thank a lot of people for being so kind to me. I honestly never would’ve thought I’d meet such amazing people in my life. You are all wonderful and I admire a lot of you so much. I honestly want to show my appreciation for everyone who tolerates me. I remember being really scared to enter this fandom, and I wasn’t really sure what to do or how approach others, I’m glad I managed to cut that out! If not I probably wouldn’t have gotten to meet all of you. I’m actually very surprised that people enjoy roleplaying with me and that they enjoy interacting with me. I’ve honestly only been here for about five months and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to meet such talented, amazing, wonderful people. Ahh, I’m pretty sure if I keep going on like this it’ll just be a great big jumble of word vomit and no one wants that. I’m also going to put people who know me from thegreatdetectiveyui and thenewenoshima.
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Oh! And if you aren’t up here, please don’t worry! I adore all of you and you’re all wonderful writers! I should probably post this before I get embarrassed and delete it.

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i feel like people constantly forget there is a person behind the art they view and that popular ones, like PK, deal with thousands upon thousands of interactions through their art... they cannot always be kind to you. i see this happen to my best friend so often, she says ONE Thing out of line, even if it's not that bad, or someone disagrees with her, and has tons of people condemning her for it. it's not a fun situation to be in

veekun occupies this interesting middle ground where it’s decently put together (eh), but also largely a hobby project that partly appeals to a younger audience.

i mention this because on more than one occasion, i’ve had people ask me: what did you use to make veekun?  what tutorial did you follow?

these are very surprising and interesting questions.  they don’t even ask if; they ask what.

i think that before you really see/know a creative person or interact with a creative community, it’s hard to grasp that amazing things are created by people.  art is made by people.  tumblr was made by people.  this font was made by people.  the pyramids were built by people.  just people.

but if you’ve never seen this in action, it’s hard to believe.  not that we consciously believe they appeared from thin air, of course, but we have this vague idea that greatness is created by Other People.  important people, talented people, people who are somehow fundamentally different from us.

i know i felt like this, at least.  it’s similar to the experience of assuming your parents are infallible, then growing up and suddenly realizing that they’re just people like everyone else.

so when someone sees that i made something they think is amazing, and they come talk to me and find out i’m just some person, they naturally assume that there must have been divine inspiration involved.  i must have used someone else’s software, or followed someone else’s instructions.  and they are amazed when that’s not the case.

i think a similar thing happens with artists, sometimes.  if you never get used to the idea of creators as just people, then it can be jarring to follow a bunch of them for a while, and suddenly see them act like just people.  people with feelings and attitudes and problems like anyone else.  an artist?  rude?  how can this be?  artists aren’t supposed to be like this; they’re Special.  that’s why they’re talented and popular.

i wonder if the reverse is related, too: “if a regular person can be talented and popular, why am i not?  this can’t be right.”

so yeah i think it’s at least partly due to this weird semi-deification of people who do neat stuff.  we get this fuzzy idea of what they “should” be like, and feel betrayed when they aren’t like that.

i don’t know what there is to be done about this, mind you  :)  i just think it’s interesting


Zuko: So if I'm going to be Fire Lord after the war is over, what are you going to do?