Boeing-Vertol ACH-47A Armed/Armored Chinook “Guns A Go-Go”

In 1965, Boeing-Vertol rolled out their first Armed/Armoured Chinook, a heavily modified CH-47. The ACH-47A featured a nose-mounted 40mm grenade launcher, five .50 caliber machine guns (two each left/right, one rear), and pylons that could carry 20mm cannons, 2.75 inch rockets, or 7.62mm mini-guns. The helicopter could carry a ton of expendable munitions, in addition to over a ton of armor plate for additional protection.

Four airframes were completed, with three deploying to Vietnam, where they were tested in combat. By 1968, all but one of the helicopters had been damaged or destroyed, and the remaining one, “Easy Money,” was returned to the USA, where it is on display at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

Logistical concerns, accidents, and cost (the ACH-47 cost four times more than a standard CH-47) led to the program being cancelled.

via Aviastar and Wikipedia

Boeing Vertol XCH-62 - Random Article 1st March

The Vertol XCH-62 was an experimental three engined heavy lifting helicopter designed by Boeing Vertol in 1971 for America. Its design was similar to a modern day Chinook and had similaritys to other russian helicopters of the time. Funding was cut in 1975 by which time only one prototype had been built, its first flight was planned for 1976. In 1983 NASA aborted a potential continuation of the design.