31 Days of Octappler: Day 2

Chilled Cucumber and Apple Soup

Recipe: http://www.versesfrommykitchen.com/2012/07/chilled-cucumber-apple-soup.html

Guys, they can’t all be winners. I’m concerned that I failed this early in the month, but that just shows how fickle apples can be.

Basically, October is packed so I needed to make some things that I can transport to the various locales in which fall is happening. Oh, fall is happening so hard. So I whipped this soup up, oh I don’t know, around 1 am so that I’d have it to take with me tonight. I had some for breakfast, cause why not? Cold soup with yogurt is basically the smoothie equivalent of on of those KFC bowls.

The prep was simple, chop some shit up, simmer it, food processor. If I was smart and remembered I had it I would have used the immersion blender that I purchased and I would have had to clean up all the liquid that I spilled on the counter trying to transfer the soup from the pot to the food processor. I shall remember that for Sunday’s soup.

Well, as is often the case with cucumber things, this soup doesn’t have a ton of flavor. I thought that the granny smiths would add a bit of tartness, or the mint would add some mint, or for the love of God the salt would have added some salt, but they all failed. Fortunately, it didn’t make too much so I only have to suffer through about 2 bowls of it and then I can forget that this ever happened.