I share from my quiet times often, not because I think I’m a better Christian, but because I know that I’m not. I have my own struggles that I fight daily. I suffer from a fear of being ultimately alone and a weakness of wanting to cut off communication and run a lot, but I am so grateful to serve a God who constantly surrounds me in love and peace. This verse really stands out to me when I’m struggling the most. It’s about the daily victories that remind me of the ultimate victory. #Romans #Godpost #chapter8 #verse18 #handwriting #quiettime #makingit #daybyday #nofilter

not all that glitters is gold | clownsandrabbitfood

    Dainty hands latched firmly onto the metal beneath her palms, Katherine spun in a series of quick circles around the pole, long legs stretched out behind her as she glided through the air. It was moments like this that made her job worthwhile; times in which she could tune out the rest of the room and focus on an act that was as graceful as it was seductive. With a little more clothing, the dance might even be considered an art form. But whilst clad in nothing but lingerie, a corset and heels, such notions were rather pointless. To the others in the room, she was nothing but a stripper; a source of entertainment and lust. The burlesque club was extravagant, almost magical and mostly, Katherine enjoyed the mystery of the place, not to mention the power she felt from having so many men at her mercy. But after yet another heated argument with her mother about her poor life choices, the night had been destined for disaster.

    But despite her inner turmoil, Katherine remained a professional; dipping, spinning, gliding —Performing her heart out until finally, the music came to an end, signalling the end of her final dance at the end of her shift for the evening. Breathing a sigh of relief, the female gathered her earnings, folding the cash into a large pile and stuffing it into her bra. False smile firmly in place, her expression told the world she was happy as she sauntered off stage with a false confidence, ever the actress as she hid behind her well constructed walls —People rarely ever saw the real Katherine Pierce, not even her disapproving family. 

    Spotting her manager in the crowd, Katherine quickly made a beeline for the bar, anxious to escape the man that struck fear in her unlike any other with his suggestive comments and intimidating threats. It was a relief when the females dark eyes suddenly fell upon a face that eased her, emerald irises pulling her towards the comfort of someone familiar. "Sam? Could you grab me the bourbon please? The bottle." The brunette asked as she slipped onto one of the leather bar stools.

thelastmacaslan-deactivated2013 said:

That would imply that I'd actually put it on for him and thats definitely never going to happen. Like ever. Never ever. You know you really shouldn't just hand out money, Elijah. I do /have/ money, you know?

I hardly have a use for my money, and I’m worth billions, Charlotte. [he shrugged his shoulders just a little bit and cleared his throat] I have a feeling you and Kol are… going to be more than you’ll admit.

thelastmacaslan-deactivated2013 said:

I'm /not/ taking your money. Thats your brothers debt to pay back, not yours. Besides it was all a bit outdated anyway. I haven't been shopping in ages, so perhaps he did my a favor by cleaning out my closet.

Leave it to him and he’ll buy you sexy lingerie that he’ll just tear right off your body again, He’ll hardly buy you adequate clothes. I insist. [He shoved the money into her pocket.]