A 30-year-old female patient with a traumatic degloving injury (15 × 25 cm) involving distal thigh and popliteal fossa extending to the lateral aspect of the knee on the right side. The mechanism of injury was a motor vehicle collision. The Versajet hydrosurgery system was used twice for wound debridement. The wound edges had 6–7 cm of dissection medially, laterally, and superiorly. The Versajet was also used for debridement under the dissected skin edges. The underneath of the avulsion skin flaps were tacked down to the wound bed to obliterate the dead space. The distal thigh wound was skin grafted, and the popliteal wound and lateral aspect of the knee were reconstructed with medial gastrocnemius muscle flap covered with split-thickness skin graft. Minor wounds healed with no complications at three weeks.

In the photo: Debridement of the underneath of the avulsion skin flaps with the Versajet handpiece, in addition to wound bed preparation.