"I am going to break you.”
"Ooh, I’m shaking.”

an AU where Wash is a superpowered vigilante and he meets Tucker who also has powers and tries to talk him into being a hero, but Tucker keeps refusing so Wash decides to try to beat it into him

idk if this is dumb but i really just wanted to draw an AU Tucker with crazy magic sword powers and then i got carried away. YEAH

The Isolated.

Going to go ahead and draw a bunch of Slenderverse-Series protagonists. Started off with Jay and Noah, I want to say because they’re my favorites but I love all of them so much jgkadjg.

The biggest reason I sympathize with Noah and Jay is because they’re so alone. Every time they get close to anybody, those people are either torn away or have something terrible happen to them. Kind of both, actually. Jay not so much as of yet, but I mean…Tim’s not really company. The only sort-of-clear ally Noah has is Firebrand, and I mean…what are you even supposed to do with that?

I could go on and on about both of them literally all day, but uh, here’s some faces I guess. Don’t let Adam see this you guys, oh gosh. ;;

I almost died. If they ever come back, I’ll return the favor.”

I always thought Steampunk!DarkHarvest00 would be really damn cool. I’m honestly not the type to steampunk everything, but DH00 would be REALLY cool as an action series, js. No I wasn’t just looking for an excuse to draw guys in vests and goggles shut up

Steampunk!Chris ended up barely resembling Chris but HEY GUYS HAVE THIS ANYWAYS. ;o;