Yooooo Snatch-Mouth (aka Henry) is done!  One day I’m going to rig him and animate him!

I really hope this verold embedding works, but if it does you can click and rotate around him to see him up close and at all angles! 

Koshizu in 3d

Here’s koshoodles bust sculpt up on Verold. Enjoy. =]

Also a note for myself and those that export to Verold; be sure to expand your texture map borders by a few pixels so that the seams overlap a bit. This will prevent ‘cracks’ from showing up when your drawing distance is far from your object.  

Verold Studio - 3D Web Viewer

I’ve been playing around with the online 3D web viewer Verold.  Really good stuff.  Nice lighting, materials show up nicely, and it handles a decent amount of tri’s.  I even gotten one of my works featured.  Check it out.

Angkor Thom Face Statue


Jedi Speeder


Smith and Wesson


Verold Studio Builds a collaborative publishing platform for 3D


At the recent jQueryTO conference Ross McKegney formally announced Verold studio (just ahead of GDC).  The Verold platform provides web developers an entire workflow to collaborate in the production and forking of 3D content for the web.

Verold sees the web using technologies like three.js and WebGL as being the future of 3D gaming and breaking out of the bonds of the applification of 3D.  

Check them out at Verold

Verold Studio from Verold on Vimeo.