Also known as Spring Fever

I couldn’t find much about the etymology, but someone anonymously sent me this message:

vernalagnia probably comes from vernal (of, in, or appropriate to spring). As for the suffix, I’m finding little information about it. The closest thing I can think of is the latin agonia.

"Agonia" is Latin for agony or victim

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Spring has hit the southeastern US full force. There are bees a-bumbling, geese a-laying, swans a-swimming, hormones a-raging. Pollen is a-streaming into every facial orifice and a-coating every car. Students and workers are staring out of every window, desperately longing to be outside, forgetting that they typically spend their down-time maintaining their internet addictions and running errands, not frolicking in fields of flowers.

Nevertheless, the cold seems to have broken, and there’s something going around, in addition to what I hear is a very intense and nasty yet mercifully brief stomach bug: vernalagnia! It’s just another word for spring fever, whether a romantic, dreamy mood brought on by spring or a seasonal increase in sexual desire.

While I encountered both definitions in abundance during my research, the origins of vernalagnia seem more in line with the latter one, with verna, meaning “of spring,” synonymous with vernal, and -lagnia, meaning “lust.” I like to imagine a frustrated high school teacher hurling it at their students: You were my best-behaved class! Now you’re just a bunch of vernalagniacs!

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Vernalagnia, cacodemonomania, and acersecomic? (My goodness, these are fun words.)

Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

The prince tends to be more mellow during cooler months. Something about the feeling of chilly air cycling through his systems when he goes outside makes him less irritable.

Cacodemonomania: Do they believe in the paranormal? If so, have they had any supernatural encounters?

Ark has yet to encounter what Cybertronians ‘classify’ as ghosts faceplate to faceplate. That being said he’s convinced he’s felt something watching him when he goes down into the bowels of Darkmount. Hearing objects move and clank around him don’t help matters. Plus there was that one time he swore he heard someone call his name in the dark. But it was probably just Soundwave or someone else trying to mess with him.


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Yonderly Vernalagnia Biblioclasm

  • Yonderly:What kinds of things do they think about when they zone out?

If she zones out, it’s usually when she is thinking of a puzzle, or problem. So most likely if she zones out she is trying to calculate the proper balance of elements in a potion, or deliberating on the best possible puzzle solution.

  • Vernalagnia:Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

In the tradition of Demeter and Persephone, Meg tends to get gloomy the moment Autumn rolls around. It doesn’t help that she hates the cold. When spring appears, she is renewed, and much more optimistic. The saving grace is that most of her kids’ birthdays are in the winter and so is Herc’s so she’s not altogether miserable.

  • Biblioclasm:Is there something about themselves they wish fewer people knew about?

There are some people she would prefer to think of her as a cold witch who would kill them on sight. Instead of the secretly fluffy mama she is at home.

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Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

He gets pretty gloomy during the fall. He just tends to remember his past a bit more, and everything that he has done and has lost. It makes it more difficult for him to keep moving forward, but he is slowly getting better at dealing with it, especially since he has joined Winter’s Bane.

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Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

     Not terribly so. Different seasons bring about various memories, especially about her parents and grandparents, but Maria’s outlook on life does not vary from season to season. It is consistently and cautiously prudent if not altogether pessimistic. Maria is almost always preparing for every possible scenario.

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Vernalagnia, Welter

Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how? 

 Often times this is the case. As much as he enjoys summer-reading and the warmth of the sun during summer, he hates the way thick clothes glue to sweat-stained skin. He dislikes having to adjust his wardrobe to the individual seasons. He prefers winter, since then he can dress comfortably and, not to mention, its the best season for hot coffee and nice nights with Carlos next to the fireplace. In autumn, he dislikes getting dead leaves out of the studio and house gutters, and spring its always a nuisance when massive killer bugs attack the city.

Welter: What subject will they never fully understand? 

Haha, Cecil is dying to say “life, because let’s be real, do any of us really understand what we’re doing here?”, but because I’m the one answering, I’d say he doesn’t understand a world outside of Night Vale. He isn’t completely wordly and culturally ignorant — but when it comes to Desert Bluffs or made-up places in Europe that possibly existed before but just don’t anymore, he’ll never quite understand how things can just be so different. He has yet to figure out that Night Vale is horribly unsafe and the mortality rate is striking — I mean, he knows, but he just doesn’t realize that there are safer places in the world. That being said, he can always be a little less ignorant about places other than Night Vale. He would really use some expansion on his world view.