etsyfindoftheday 3 | 7.28.14

‘loire’ glazed porcelain and gold vermeil ring by gouettedeterre

this faceted, one of a kind porcelain piece features a delightful blue glaze hand-painted with gold at the edges and is perched atop a golden vermeil ring. swoon.


Valentine Vermeil: Ba-Bel (East and West Jerusalem) 

“Everyday People” is about the country as a whole, in all its complexity. A country that has been described, since time immemorial, as the land of milk and honey; a country that, since 1948, has never stopped confining itself in dominant beliefs about its neighbouring countries and their people. I like to consider that this land was once a gigantic Tower of Babel, before God decided to mix up languages and divide Men by fear if they defied him. These photographs deliberately differ from media coverage and the fantasies this specific region stirs up. […]

*I could write for miles and miles about what these photos say, what the architecture alone speaks, the colours and the land. 

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsy find of the day 1 | 7.12.13

gold vermeil and silver pebble ring set by colbyjune

friday friday friday! let’s start the day with a trio of earthy rings from colbyjune. you get one large silver ring, one small silver ring, and one small gold vermeil ring — all featuring organic pebble shapes. shiny and beautiful.

This book is not recommended for anyone unescorted by a fluent comprehension of language. Not because of any explicit content, but due to understanding. You will not get poetry without inception under its edifice. This poetical book is no other than a book. Faire revivre: vermeil on your lips and in cheeks, you will not find a spoken answer in case you are not willing to search for. Reading. You open it with the will. Do not be forsaken. Please, if you do.
— Samuel Sylf

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A banger from ‘98 that’ll make the floor shake. French producer Pepe Bradock’s raw and balsy productions continue to catch our interest. This timeless piece continues to move crowds and still sits well in todays DJ’s record bags. 

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.28.14

theme thursday: unique ring styles

‘selenga’ porcelain ring by gouettedeterre

this lovely finger adornment comes from gouettedeterre, an etsy shop specializing in gold-painted porcelain lovelies. most of their pieces are one of a kind, including this limoges porcelain piece that’s accented with gilded lines and resting atop a vermeil ring.

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Pepe Bradock - Vermeille

vermeill said:

did you ever buy from aliexpress? i hear a good amount that they scam and another good amount of positive reviews, and aliexpress is on a lot of tumblr posts.


Aliexpress is basically like eBay, a site composed of many different sellers.

When you find a product you like, the seller’s information will be on the right side of the screen.


Your experience would depend on whoever you buy from, so be sure to check the seller rating! You can click the positive feedback percentage to read other buyers’ reviews and experiences with the seller.