uhmm, if anyone want sf live on earth tour coverage.. i’ll TRY to tweet as much as possible during the concert. no guarantee though since i’ll probably be too busy staring at their wonderful faces and moves and listening to their bootiful voices ya na’ mean? ANYWAYS, I MADE A TWITTER FOR IT THOUGH. FOR SURE I’LL BE TWEETING BEFORE THE CONCERT.. BUT IDK GUISE.


B.A.P Live on Earth Tour: San Francisco

OH MY GAH. The concert itself was amazing, even though I couldn’t see past the taller people… but still, I managed to see their faces. EEEEEPPP!! I went with my friend, and we had so much fun. B.A.P certainly does live up to their name, Best Absolute Perfect! <3 I wish I was closer though, I wanted pictures of them, make eye contact, and everything. UGH…. 

They performed so well. So many songs. NEED MOAR B.A.P now. Post concert depression…. >.>

OH! And Bang YongGuk was wearing a Warriors cap. AAAYYYYEEE BAY AREA REPRESENT yo. 

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